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Default Sliders meets quantum leap

Part 1

Quinn Mallory and his friends run down the road as police quickly run after the Sliders.

Quinn takes the the timer out of his jacket pocket and looks at timer "5:00" minutes left on the clock.

"guys we need to slide now!"

Quinn looking worried by seeing the police from this world in hot pursuit of the Sliders.

Arturo says

"OK my boy let's slide!"

Quinn finds a good spot he aims the timer and presses the button.

Suddenly the blue energy of the timer shoots out and the vortex opens in front of the team.

The blue vortex opens and waves like moving water flows in front of them.

The team jump into the portal one after the other and when Quinn is all but left he turns around and waves at the cops good bye and shows a cheeky smile on his face and jumps into the portal.

As the police reach the portal the vortex closes and leaves them dum founded not sure how to deal with the situation.

The team float through the tunnel of the vortex with there physical bodies turning into particles and turning back into them into their physical form.

The portal opens on the other side and each team member falls out of the portal saying

"wo, wo"

Trying to not hurt themselves from the slide in.

as each member lands on the floor they slowly picks themselves up from hitting the grass the team find themselves in a park and when the final member of the team falls out of the vortex Quinn picks himself up the vortex closes behind him and at that moment.

Quinn is surround in bright blue light and he is covered in blue light and energy and Dr Sam Beckett leaps into Quinn Mallory.

When the light fades away Sam sees people in front of him who look like they are trying to get there bearings of the area and situation.

The timer in his pocket starts to beep
Sam takes the timer out of his jacket pocket.

And Arturo says to quinn

"let's see my boy? how much time do we have on this world?"

Sam looking deeply confused by Arturo words looks down at the timer and the read out says

"24 hours"

And Sam says

"oh boy!"

End of part 1
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