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Default Sliders meet quantum leap

Part 2

The waiting room

Quinn now in Dr Becketts body he looks around the white/ blue room and he sees all he is wearing is a white skin suit.

He looks around feeling a little alarmed a little by this new situation and says out loud to himself

"guys!, guys! where are you?"

He trys to say there names but suddenly at that moment he couldn't remember there names at all.

Feeling really puzzled at this stage he couldn't remember a lot it was as if his memory was like cheese with big holes in the cheese of his memory.

Quinn said out loud to himself

"what is going on, on this slide?"

He slowly walks up to the table in the front of him in the room he looks at the mirror and he sees Sam's reflection looking back at him from the looking glass feeling really surprised and startled by the mirror image.

He touches his face and the reflection copys his movement perfectly.

Suddenly the waiting room door opens Quinn turns around and Al wearing his usual clothes walks up to him tapping the hand link. Looking confused plus trying to obtain information.

With the device light up shinning yellow, red and green in his hand.

Quinn says to Al

"who are you?"

Al trying to nurse a headache says

"if I got a dollar every time someone told me that I would have a lot of money right now."

Al says to the new visitor

"who are you?" Al tapping the hand link in front of him.

End of part 2
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