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Though I am no expert I too found the portrayal of the GSW to the head as a mere knee scrape not believable. His life or at least mental health should have been in jeopardy. Is it possible that perhaps the bullet had merely grazed across his skin? It was after all a sloppy shot since Tony could not see his target, not to mention was in a hurry to get the job done. The wound as seen in the end of the episode does look like a mere cut.

Regardless that gunshot and Al's prayer is my favorite part of the episode. The fact that Al did not hesitate for a second to turn to the God he doubted, even resented for Sam was amazing and shows how precious Sam is to him.

Originally Posted by bluedana
Whoever had the thankless task of preparing the prop newspapers clearly didn't anticipate DVD technology revealing the fact that they only replaced headlines, not articles.
Certainly not, DVDs did not exist when this show was filmed.
I believe I shall start paying more attention to the newspapers in the show now haha.

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