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You know what, I've always really enjoyed this episode. I know it's a bit of a mix bag in some ways but for me this is one of the best episodes of season 3. I think it's because I simply like the idea of Sam being a priest. In many ways, Sam is already like a priest. He does God's work on a daily basis and moves around from place to place and tries to make the world a better place. Al the bartender and Sam have a conversation regarding exactly this in Mirror Image, with Sam remembering that he'd leaped into a priest once.

Another reason why I like this episode is Father Mack. He's a great character. He's a good man but more than human enough to be believable. Put it this way, I could 100% buy that if Sam hadn't been there he would have killed Tony.

The reason why this really ranks high on my season 3 list, largely thanks to Dean Stockwell. We learn some more about Al's past here and that scene in the darkened gym between him and Sam is a real highlight. I do think it's odd in some ways, though, that Al's beef with God is brought up here but is never mentioned before or after this. So I don't completely buy this part of Al's backstory, but even so, Dean does incredible work here as always. The best scene has to be when Sam gets shot and Al bends down and tries to lift his friend up. With the wrong actor there that whole scene with Al begging God to spare Sam could have come across as corny, but with Dean it works.

My rating. Excellent. The great start to season 3 continues.
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