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Originally Posted by Trudy View Post
Oh, yeah, that! I thought you were talking about another incident in another episode I forgot. Were there any other incidents in other episodes where GFTW interfered directly?
Well, as I was saying before the forum so rudely censored me, in "The B**gieman", GFTW resets the entire leap :P

I'm sure there are more cases as well, I just can't think of them off hand.

Actually, I do believe that the Evil Project Quantum Leap's inception was from Sam explaining his project under Sodium Pentathol - it's just too big a coincidence having the Evil Leaper appear in the very next episode. I think GFTW must have intervened to put Sam up against her, to at least slow down the rights they were putting wrong... Makes me wonder how they would have finally been defeated had the series progressed...
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