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Another episode with a very classic vibe to it. The music, the scenes, the situations. It's very hard not to recognize anything from this episode. The characters were well-developed, but I didn't really like Michelle. Of course I hate the mother, haha!, but I didn't find her too unrelatable to reality, either.

Pete was very one-dimensional but fun. I found all the "suspense" parts really funny in this episode and even cartoonish to some extent (for example, when the French girl is strangled in the park, that was sort of a "well, wait a minute..." funny reaction). Didn't like how they sometimes used the same footage from a previous scene.

I thought the ending was a bit rushed. I agree with isz about the "you can't change a POV with a matter of seconds" opinion to a certain point: Sometimes, when the world crumbles to some people, and they are proved wrong about something (probably about who or what they never trusted, like in this case), they can actually change, if deep inside (very, very deep, indeed) they have a shred of goodness. That's what I think happened to the mother (she thought she may have misjudged him), so it may not be a cop-out, after all.

My rating: Average. Classic, but not one of QL's best, in my humble opinion.
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