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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
It was in fact an inappropriate moment for his arrival. He'd made the leapee look unprofessional on the job, like a high school kid who'd been called on after having fallen asleep in class:
"Uh can you repeat the question?"
However this doesn't mean that it wasn't the right moment.
Not only was it the right moment, it was the only possible moment

Sadie could have used one or two more scenes before her testimony which showed how unstable she was. That would have sold it a bit more but the performance was amazing. Her voice was beautifully distant and dream like, it reminded me of Laura Fuller in the Trilogy episodes. Though I'd actually forgotten how she had no idea Delilah was on trial for murder but thought it was about stolen money.
I thought that was because as a coping mechanism, even though she remembered the shooting, she blocked out the part about her son being dead.

As for why she wasn't declared non compos mentus (Lightning McQueenie), I'm unsure anyone really knew until that point that she was unstable unless she'd made other comments to folks about Huston being due home from hunting. We know Sam didn't realize it, he out her on the stand expecting a witness statement not a confession to the murder.
Though this angle is unclear and thus in conclusive.
Except that everyone had been saying how ill Sadie was. Maybe the Captain just kept her at home and everyone assumed she was sick...

What probably happened was that the housekeeper confirmed the story. Since Sam helped her feel ok swearing on a Bible she might have agreed to take the stand.
Also quite possible. Either that or Delilah herself would have gone on the stand and done so - the truth was out now...

By the way to Lightning McQueenie in reference to a discussion we had about there being a small hint that she could see Sam, she never said old. The line was:
"You're looking a might haggard."
The word 'haggard' has no connection to age so it's unlikely to have been used in that context. It's probable she could see him since she was mentally unstable but it's inconclusive because it's clear that unlike Laura Fuller who would point out that Sam wasn't the leapee, Sadie was unaware of that fact. She'd addressed him as Leonard and spoke of remembering him as a classmate of her son's. So the haggard comment was not aimed at a deciphering between Sam and Leonard.
I always associated the word "haggard" with old. Maybe we use it in a different context in my part of the world...

Tidbit: This was the first leap Sam had done essentially all on his own, even in the little bit Al was around he hadn't helped much since Ziggy couldn't offer anything for a mission that wasn't in the odds. That was very unique and interesting.
While Sam had to do most of this mission himself, he did still have the help of Al and Ziggy to get through the trial...
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