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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
Also quite possible. Either that or Delilah herself would have gone on the stand and done so - the truth was out now...
Very true, I can believe that Delilah would would put aside her fear of God for Sadie. After all she was about to give her life for the woman who'd taken her in treated her like a daughter and shot her own son to save her life. At the end she did say:
"Sadie saved my life, twice."
The second time was obviously when she'd taken the stand.

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
I always associated the word "haggard" with old. Maybe we use it in a different context in my part of the world...
Perhaps that could be. The definition is:

having a gaunt, wasted, or exhausted appearance, as from prolonged suffering, exertion, or anxiety; worn:
While true these are feelings we most associate with older folks anyone with a lot of responsibilities or traumas can experience them.

BTW I need to watch the episode again, I missed the reflection and I completely forget what Leonard looks like.

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