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After the horribly disappointing season 1 finale, Play It Again, Seymour, Honeymoon Express is the perfect way to start the second season of Quantum Leap. While Sam is back in 1960, having leaped into policeman Tom MacBride, Al in the present day is battling to keep the project alive.

There are so, so many things I love about this episode. First of all, I love the train setting. It might seem like a small point, but I've always being a sucker for train centred stories. Dianne is one of the best characters in the entire series, in my opinion. She is absolutely gorgeous. Roget gives the episode further depth. When it comes to villains in QL, this guy is very, very close to the top. Definitely insane with a frightening gleam in his eye, the character comes across as very unpredictable from the get go. His last words to Sam are genuinely haunting.

The best parts of this episode, though, are those set in the present day. All the scenes with Al, fighting his hardest against the committee are riveting. The twist at the end is genius. The look on Al's face is priceless!

When it comes to picking out a best scene... Well, there's one clear choice, isn't there? Finally realising what it will mean once the plug is pulled, Sam looks forlorn at the thought of never being able to see Al again. That little conversation between them just shows the power of their friendship.

My rating. Excellent. Extremely, extremely close to making my top 10. Another great job by Bellisario.
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