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That the thing didn't Trojan's brother in "A Portrait for Troian" died too,after Sam jumped at him and they both fale into the lake?!
it Seemed to me that Sam and Trojan were the only two people,who survivd there...
You're right that the brother died, but he drowned. Sam didn't kill him. Sam stabbed Roger on purpose, and shot Nicky on purpose. When the brother fell into the lake, Sam failed to save him, but I don't think that counts as killing him.

I liked the way they didn't cop out with a happy ending - Sam barely fulfills his mission and his crying at the end is heartbreaking. But my favorite moment is when Sam whips out his bucknife, grabs the Sheriff's hair, and is totally ready to scalp the guy. The look on his face is awesome.

I wasn't crazy about this episode when I first saw it (mystical minority storylines usually bug me), but when I re-watched it, I realized that Joseph was consciously playing up the TV-and-movie "Indian" thing, like when he does the fire chant and then pulls out the lighter.
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