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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan
Well Sam did shove Jimmy into the lake as he ran for Troian (knowing Sam Jimmy was likely just in his way, it was not a purposeful thing), but it was not Sam's fault that Jimmy did not learn to swim and thus be able to stay above water. So techniqually that death, Sam can not be blamed for.
That excuse would never hold up in a court of law. You can't just go around shoving people in the water and saying, "Oh, gosh, I didn't know he couldn't swim." Everyone knows a pond is a drowning hazard.

I don't recall the details of the scene, so I don't know if it was an accident or if Sam intentionally shoved Jimmy into the lake. Either way I think he could be charged with manslaughter for causing Jimmy's death. But this isn't a court of law, it's a TV show, so we can give Sam the benefit of the doubt, meaning it was probably an accident.

Anyway, back to "Freedom." I really, really dislike this episode. The only good part about it is that they give Joseph a chance to talk about his philosophy. The spectacle of Sam running around stealing things, shooting at people, dragging a very sick old man up a mountain on horseback in the winter--just ridiculous. I know the old man is the one who instigated all those things, but it's just not believable to me. If they really wanted to do a cowboys-and-Indians shtick, they needed to set the episode before 1900, and they can't do that.

They could have done an episode about the real American Indian Movement that was happening in 1970, a contemporary, realistic story, instead of this attempt to revive a past that was gone.

when I re-watched it, I realized that Joseph was consciously playing up the TV-and-movie "Indian" thing, like when he does the fire chant and then pulls out the lighter.
That was one of the moments I liked, genuinely humorous and something I think an Indian might do.
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