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Ah ok I didn't realize before, thanx for that Julia.
In that case Jimmy is likewise guilty to Sam for attempted manslaughter because he very nearly threw his sister into the lake WITH knowledge that she can't swim because he wanted her dead. So I think Sam's case would win over his. He deserved to be killed.

Ok so I will go ahead and proceed to say some stuff about Freedom then sorry fo keeping it so off topic.

I liked this episode, the ending is really really sad but I really liked the Josoph and his very wise knowledge. I loved the whold lecture he gave Sam about the grasshopper leaping out of one skin and into another and that life is a series of leaps. And I also really liked the whole thing we have been talking about that led off topic with the hand prints on the horses, and how Josoph saw in Sam's eyes how many handprints he needed. Its so suspicious, I really think that some part of him detected Sam but not as Sam of course just some white man that appears to be traveling. To me its a very moving episode.

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