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Originally Posted by leaper1 View Post
Having seen your more 'normal' pics on your website, Jass, I can say unequivocally that this chicken suit does NOT flatter you my dear. [In fact one has to wonder why you would want people to see you like that! ]

Folks, she is not a crazed old coot, she's a beautiful young lady.
Thanks for your vote of appearance-confidence, Helen
it does flatter the silly 'I'm not taking myself too serious' side of me, though, and that's a good thing too.

(I still owe you a long email don't I? It got stuck in day to day life somewhere IF you don't hear from me soon give me a good prod, will ya? i miss chatting with you!)

Errowyn, I love your pics! And your sense of humor.
Nothing worng with the tree, it's a good tree.

I can't see your pictures Julia
Could you add me on facebook
Jassian Terri
(I didn't read the rules, didn't know it was a real name policy)
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