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Default 1234 Fate's Wide Wheel, Part II — The Butterfly Effect

Fate's Wide Wheel, Part II - The Butterfly Effect

Date: August 8, 1990 / June 13, 1958
Location: Star Bright Project, NM / Pine County, OK

The wheel of fate continues spinning for Tom and Connors as their paths begin to intertwine. The secret history of the Star Bright Project’s final days is revealed when both men leap back with a mission to prevent a terrible tragedy. Little does either leaper realize that in doing so, a butterfly effect ripples through time and changes reality yet again--in a way that neither one expected. Cut off from his current timeline, Tom meets a mysterious individual informing him that he must make one final leap back to a crucial moment that will effectively unravel not only the recent chain of events, but reality itself. In the present, however, the Project has set other plans in motion to ensure that a world without Sam Beckett will remain intact.

Written by: Mike Bloxam, Katherine Freymuth, & Damon C. Sugameli

TVS Team

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