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Default The episode and stuff...

Originally Posted by cookiemom6067
but also loved the scene when Joseph says he can see it in Sam's eyes that he's killed two men. Which would be accurate at this point in the series - Roget in "Honeymoon Express" and Nicky in "Her Charm."
That the thing didn't Trojan's brother in "A Portrait for Troian" died too,after Sam jumped at him and they both fale into the lake?!
it Seemed to me that Sam and Trojan were the only two people,who survivd there...

Anyway to the episode itself - the first half of the episode were great.I really enjoyed it,but the rest...I found the last 20 min. or so disappointing. it's seems like the episode lost something in the way. maybe a big part of that was all those little jokes of Joseph,which i found,after the first 4 or 5 jokes, annoying.
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