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I tend to think there was a bit of the chicken and egg about it.

Ratings dropped in Season 5 because Don compromised on his principles and allowed TPTB to talk him into doing the 'famous people' leaps that he always said he wanted to avoid, messing with established 'real' history like the Kennedy's and Marilyn Munroe.

Personally, though they are not my favorites, I don't mind them, but I know there were some fans who were put off by the 'new direction'. Similarly, there were those who hated the new arrangement to the theme tune in Season 5.

Little things like that can be enough to lose those who weren't die hard fans, and the loss of those rank and file viewers were enough to hit the ratings.

It has even been suggested that those at the netword who wanted to kill off the series work were counting on the changes to make viewers give up on it. It was a deliberate self-destruct strategy.

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