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Default The End

If he truly took fans' opinions above all else, he would have sent Sam home in the finale. JMO.
It's been suggested that he wanted to keep the tension of Sam being out there in play so that people would continue to care. However, he made a grave error (IMO) in that he used the word "NEVER" (I know...I'm sounding like a broken record here).

Never implies finality. Yes, I know, in the world of TV that's not necessarily true. But in the storyline, Sam was NOT on TV. In the storyline it was a "real project that had gone caca." By saying "Never" it looked to fans that watched the final episode that there was no hope of him ever coming home. You can justify this with Sam's "altruism" (He himself could never stop fixing things) or his disbelief (Sam never did believe in himself enough to realize that he had control over the "ruby slipper") or that a new timeline developed and he never returned back to the point of origin or whatever. The fact is, those words did more to prevent many fans from continuing to care about QL. (I myself was mad at Bellasario for YEARS...I still don't watch shows he's created since then.)

I've put the link in the fanfic area...but this is my take on trying to reconcile the "NEVER" in that final show. As such the title,

Dr. Sam Beckett Never Returned Home. A consideration of what this means.
Complete - Quantum Leap - Fiction Rated: K
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