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THANK you, Helen! I'm so glad somebody else gets it.

While fans at the time seemed to dislike the finale, newer fans seem to love it. The episode regularly shows up in top-10 lists and such. I find myself banging my head against the wall in discussions with them.

NEW FAN: Don't you get it, man? It's so cool! Sam's still out there. He's still doing what he loves...traveling through time, righting wrongs, and all that!

ME: Yeah, I always got that. But don't you understand what "never" means? It means Sam never got to reunite with his best friend Al, and apparently the last time Al got to see Sam, he thought Sam was going insane. And then Al never saw him again.

Not only that, but Sam never reunited with his wife, even though he had the chance. I guess he was just lying when he swore that someday he'd be back. And he never played any part in raising Sammy Jo, which makes him a deadbeat dad. And Sammy Jo never figured out a way to bring Sam home, which makes her a failure as a physicist, and she never found out who her real dad was.

And ultimately, Sam never got to rest, never got to experience "his next leap [being] the leap home," as promised to us in nearly 100 saga sells. Which means that either 1) Sam died of old age, somewhere out in time where no one knew who he was, or 2) Sam was killed in the "line of duty," and again died friendless and anonymous, lying in a pool of blood in some unknown point of time.

I have no problem with "Sam's still out there, making changes in history." I have a problem with that whole blasted word "never." That little word changes everything.

Whew. Thank you for letting me vent my spleen for a moment.
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