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Default The Series Within

Time Stream

Creator/Executive Producer
Matthew R. McKay
(David Hewlett)

Co-Executive Producer/Head Writer
Samantha Stratton
(Amanda Tapping)

Sam Stratton(b. November 2, 1956) is, as you probably already know, the daughter of test pilot/USAF officer Thomas Stratton whom Dr. Sam Beckett leaped into in the Quantum Leap pilot(pardon the pun) "Genesis" written by Donald Bellisario(the basis of Matt McKay). She was born in Los Angeles-Hollywood, CA and grew up wherever the Air Force took the Stratton family. Like Agent Gibbs(NCIS) and Donald Bellisario(writer/producer) Sam is also a former Marine aka "jarhead". Full name: Samantha Jolene Stratton.

Matthew Richard McKay(b. November 11, 1956) is the nephew of General James Dean* "Jim" McKay. General McKay(Don S. Davis R.I.P.) is a character that was created by Brian Greene(Al's Place Bartender). He[Matthew] was born in the small city of Paducah, KY with his fraternal twin sister Jennie(not Jeannie) and six years after they were born the McKay family sold the family farm(which was located in a small un-incorporated town called Littleville, KY and moved to Seattle, WA where Matt was first aquainted with the Stratton family while Major Thomas J. Stratton(USAF), Peggy, and their three children were stationed there.

My inspiration for creating this came from "Studio 60"(Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford) and another "series within" called "WormHole X-TREME!" My original episode idea[A Leap For Rachel] is being scrubbed.

*I added his middle name. More info on this character can be found on the character section of the Starbright series website; an Al's Place sub-site. What is not mentioned in there is that Jim has a brother who has two children.

Just a little sneak peek.

~Steve B.

P.S. Does the Stratton McKay production team look familiar?
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