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Default Quantum leap meets wing commander!

Chapter 9

As soon as Sam reached the crew quarters Al reappeared and luckily the crew quarters was empty and Sam says to Al.

"what do you have for me Al?"

Al taps the Hand link and it makes all of the usual sounds and Al tells Sam

"lucky to the project who's based a little bit ahead into the future from this time they are feeding to us all the data we need to help you out on this leap Sam.

So according to delta or Ziggy they say the reason why you're here Sam is because in the original history an attempt is going to be made later on this evening to end this war once and for all with the enemy "

Sam looking interested

" how so Al? "

Al taps the hand link more to get even more data from Ziggy.

" a fighter is going to be launch from the tiger claw this evening in complete serectly with a pilot and they are going to use a very risky jump point from this system to jump straight to the enemy's home world but unfortunately they don't make it Sam they end up on the other side of the jump point in bits.

Ziggy says if the pilot had survived there would of been a 82.3 per cent chance the war would of ended sooner saving millions of lives and your here Sam to Escort the fighter to the enemy's home world and make sure end they end this war right here right now. "

" OK Al"

Later on that evening Sam went to the flight deck and he saw the serect pilot get escorted to there fighter plane. The armed guards making sure no one can see them Sam hid himself out of slight in the shadows hiding himself behind some fighter planes.

The serect pilot enters there ship and the officers say.

"good luck sir"

The pilot nods powers up there ship and the officers clear the flight deck and the fighter takes off and leaves the tiger claw heading for the serect jump point.

Suddenly with no time to lose As soon as the officers leave the fight deck Sam suits himself up and gets into his fighter plane powers up the plane and takes off.

With a blast from his engines the ship leaves the tiger claw and heads after the serect pilot fighter.....

End of chapter 9
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