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I love Quantum Leap too. I'm new to this website, in fact this is my first reply. I'm only 18 years old, and most people my age have never even heard of this show. But my Mum was a massive fan of Quantum Leap in the 90s. I was introduced to this show 5 years ago, when my Mum bought Season 1 on DVD. I love this show for many reasons.

1. I enjoy sci-fi shows.
2. I have always found time travel interesting.
3. I love the chemistry between Sam and Al.
4. It has all the elements that make a good show. It has drama, comedy, romance, and sometimes even horror.

You see most shows have a certain theme to them. But Quantum Leap changes its theme depending on the episodes. There are funny humorous episodes, and then next time it can be a dark dramatic episode. It's these varying themes that make Quantum Leap a great timeless show.
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