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Default Quantum leap A leap for Al

Quantum leap

A leap for Al

This story is dedicated

To Dean Stockwell

March 5, 1936 – November 7, 2021

Who recently passed at the age of 85 of natural causes.

May he always be remembered as Al.

Chapter 1

Al was sat in Sam's office. Sitting on Sam's leather chair in front of his desk. It had seem like a lifetime ago since Sam's first quantum leap into time.

And it felt like to Al that sam would never return home.

But he could not except that. Sam was his buddy and he would do almost anything in his power to bring him home.

He started to drink his coffee slowly which he poured out of the nearby drinks machine. Slowly thinking to himself what could he do to save Sam from being lost in the black hole of time.

Al looked at the nearby picture of Sam with his brother Tom. and he studied the picture for a while and he said to himself talking as if Sam was in the room with him.

" I will bring you home Sam if its the last thing I'll do"

he owned it to Sam's family to his wife and even to the project it self it wasen't only the past that needed him his future needed him to even more!

later on that evening Al walked into the control room wearing his admiral uniform and it was the early hours of the morning the head programmer and the rest of the staff had gone to bed and Ziggy was on low power to save as much power as possable.

Al slowly walks into the centre of the room looks at the imaging chamber for a moment with his hands in his pockets and then he says

"am bringing you home Sam if it kills me!"

Immediately Al runs over to the console turns the time machine on sets the controls on the console to leap near where Sam has currently landed into time. when everything was ready Al changes into a white quantum leap suit runs towards the imaging chamber and prepares to quantum leap!

he stands on the Quantum leap pad and slowly raises his hands slowly above his head and as if by magic the time machine fires into action and Al is covered from head to toe in quantum leap blue light he boldly quantum leaps into time on a rescue mission. and its to late for the project to stop him!
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