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CORRECTION: Somehow in the text of post #23 above, I got the numbers CP-56 and CP-57 reversed (the filenames of the photos, which come up when you mouse-over the broken thumbnails or save the full-size images, are correct).

Holiday season has slowed work on many of my projects, but just this morning I made a purchase of what I hope turns out to be another major LED acquisition -- a significant quantity of what was sold to the prop makers as Cal-Pak # CP-59, the large 2-chip light bar style in green color. Also, I have already bought more of the CP-56 (red 3-chip) equivalent, so I'm no longer searching for them. This leaves me only one type left (CP-58, large red 2-chip light bars) to acquire or replicate before beginning Handlink replica construction. I have actually found CP-58 equivalents already from just one supplier but their price is insane, so I'm still searching, and will probably replicate them myself before paying that much. The CP-59's were expensive too. Even if I don't have to bite the bullet and buy the crazy expensive CP-58's or replicate them myself, the cost of the LEDs alone will be around $200 per replica; it will go higher if I buy those or roll my own.

I am planning to build up to about 10 Gummi Bear Handlink replicas, and will be able to make any of the adequately-documented versions from my A.S.A.P. post (Beta, Gamma, Delta 1/2, Delta 3, or Delta 4) or an "idealized" version which incorporates elements from Beta, Gamma and Delta versions. Unfortunately, these replicas will not be cheap. I now expect that if I sell them on Ebay or Etsy the starting or reserve price will have to be a minimum of $2200 to $2500.

I'm also planning to make at least one Wristlink replica for myself, but probably will not offer them for sale.

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