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Originally Posted by SherWash View Post
I'm glad to know we can finally read the other stories and am looking forward to it, but I can't get your link to work! All I get is the 'author's notes' page. I'm totally unfamiliar with that site, do I have to be a member to read? I wanted to post my story for all to read, but can't seem to find any info on how to do that.

Hope all the other winners post their entries soon!
You have to be a member to post your own story, but not to read.
Once you get to the 'author's notes' page, you should see a small rectangular box on the top right of your screen.
It should show 1.Introduction in it, and a small drop down arrow to the right of it. Click on the arrow and it should then list all the chapters currently posted. Go directly to the next unread chapter there - useful if you catch up to where I've so far posted and next time don't want to trawl through the earlier ones.
Alternatively, to the right of those, you should see an oval 'button' with a 'fast forward' symbol on - >>
Press that to take you to the next chapter on.
Once you reach chapter two, a second button will appear on the left of the rectangle displaying the chapter you are on, allowing you to 'rewind' << if you want to return to an earlier chapter.
Hope this helps.
If you want a tutorial on how to upload your own story - which I'm looking forward to reading, then PM me and I'll email you.

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