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Ok I feel I need to mention something. I was watching this ep with my best friend last week and the part where Sam walks out to meet Roche in the seating area of the train, he passes by Roche's accomplice who pretended that he was drunk and "accidently" bumped into Sam. Sam helped the guy stand strait and asked if he was ok then kept walking. It was not smart on Sam's part to have have not checked himself before he contiuned on his way because when someone bumps you that closely they are usually trying to get their hands in your pockets to grab something. Which is exactly what this guy was doing but luckily it was just his gun the guy got which is no big deal(unless he had turned around and aimed the gun at Sam which he did not). But it could have been worse it could have been his wallet.

Sorry but I have an aunt who is the human book of life lessons and this was one thing she told me, about when someone bumps you like that. And I can't help but point stuff like that out when I see it. So yeah Sam could have used his brain more there.

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