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Apologies for the double post.

Upon researching for a discussion of Satan in this episode elsewhere; the goat involved in Tully's death came to mind and thus so did bestie's certainty that it was symbolic of Satan though she's been unable to put her finger on how. So in that direction my research shifted and some very intriguing information came up which not only takes the symbolism of the goat in this episode in a surprising direction but further supports my head canon that this episode is connected to the Evil Leapers by in-story means (since writing wise clearly the evil leapers were a ratings ploy, so in no way were premeditated back in season three).

So I present to you folks, the Azazel Goat or more commonly known as 'The Scapegoat'.
A goat with the sins of every man in Israel confessed upon it's head and released into isolated wild or bluntly put, banished. It's a ritual of redemption that is recognized as The Day of Atonement.
There is both divine and wicked interpretation here which causes the symbolism to apply to both Satan and Sam.

The scapegoat was an offering of appeasement, of reconciliation. Isn't that essentially what Sam is? Banished from his own identity with the wrongs of the earth cast upon him?
Within this there is the connection to Satan as some saw the scapegoat as evil, the banishment of his influence and thus him.
As quoted here:
Leviticus:16:21. "Aaron shall lay both his hands on the head of the live goat, confess over it all the iniquities of the children of Israel, and all their transgressions, concerning all their sins, putting them on the head of the goat, and shall send it away into the wilderness by the hand of a suitable man." This is a symbol of the angel that is to take Satan away and isolate him from mankind.

In addition Azazel whose name was used to refer to the scapegoat was described by The Book of Enoch to have corrupted man with deception and temptation and was imprisoned within a desert valley. For this reason the name is often thought of as referring to the location at which the goat was released. Oh wait a minute...isn't PQL isolated in the desert?!

Also my attention was unintentionally drawn to this passage:
So would the crowd, called Babylonians or Alexandrians, pull the goat's hair to make it hasten forth, carrying the burden of sins away with it (Yoma vi. 4, 66b; "Epistle of Barnabas," vii.), and the arrival of the shattered animal at the bottom of the valley of the rock of Bet Ḥadudo, twelve miles away from the city, was signalized by the waving of shawls to the people of Jerusalem, who celebrated the event with boisterous hilarity and amid dancing on the hills (Yoma vi. 6, 8; Ta'an. iv. .

Sam had felt pressured by the committee to step prematurely into the accelerator, a metaphor of sorts to having his hair yanked to urge him hastily forward and recall in the pilot episode Al described the staff throwing a party to celebrate the success of the experiment involving drunkenness and the printing of x-rated photos. So I couldn't help but see this as an amusing find.

The scapegoat has a deep connection with the climax of this episode when Satan for an instant becomes the goat (among the characters he'd murdered, which again, goat carrying Satan's touch) while in Sam's stranglehold and then was banished along with the sins he's committed throughout the episode. Not by Sam, by God but that still fits. He ordered Lucifer to be imprisoned for 1000 years, isolated from mankind.

As a side note for Lightning McQueenie if he should peek here in regards to our conversation regarding the possible identity crisis of the Al Satan; the snake in this episode is also a connection to Satan as it was his guise when he introduced sin to mankind through Eve.

Now here is where the Evil Leapers fit into this; there were TWO goats victimized on The Day of Atonement.
Identical in every way with no "spot or blemish" upon them they were brought before God in offering.
One was the Scapegoat, a live offering, the offering of appeasement/reconciliation which as already discussed describes Sam.
The other was a sacrifice, a sin (blood) offering. It was slaughtered. Alia was not killed but was brought before Lothos and in my personal headcanon Satan as her offering and had even less freedom than Sam. She was tortured upon failure and had at one time performed murder assignments as suggested by the mention that they'd appealed for the home wrecking department and Alia having a line "I can't kill all those people again".
Looking At Sam in contrast the scapegoat being released into the wilderness represents the concept that Al the Bartender had introduced that Sam can take control of his leaping. Just as I'm sure that it wasn't impossible for that goat to find it's way back, it wasn't for Sam either. Alia not so much. She was a prisoner.

Alia actually could also be the scapegoat because she'd been innocent with sin cast upon her and Zoey had actually offered her in favor, to repay a debt. Appeasement if you will.

Tell me, am I crazy to be so analytical? I can't help but be a bit embarrassed by myself sometimes around here because I know Bellisario doesn't want the show nitpicked even in positive ways but that's just how I enjoy a franchise. If I don't pick it apart to death that's it not scoring too high on my interest scale.

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