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Originally Posted by feldon30 View Post
When you buy Star Trek The Original Series on Blu-ray, you can choose to watch it via a branching menu either with the original effects or with updated HD effects. They knew diehards would want the original episodes exactly the way they were, so they provide that option.
Thanks for the info on the Star Trek Blu-Ray set. Iím glad to know they have the option to view them as they were. I was unaware of that as I had watched the Star Trek hi-def remasters on Hulu or Netflix (canít remember which) and was surprised and upset when I heard the opening theme playing and could instantly tell it was re-recorded and not the original. then I noticed that the special effects shots had been toyed with. The Gorn never blinked! Those planets donít look the same! Lol.
I personally donít know why anyone thought this was a good idea. The show is a product of the aesthetics and technology of its times. To me that ads materially to the charm. At lot of very talented people worked to create those effects shots and props and to alter their work is in my opinion disrespectful. Itís the same as someone painting over a Picasso or Miro because they feel their technique is dated or lacking. You donít paint over another artists work.

I heard that the reason they re-recorded the theme was because the original wasnít recorded in stereo. My question is why does it need to be? Some of the greatest music ever produced was recorded prior to stereo and its still just as enjoyable now as when it was new. The original show is fantastic the way it was originally produced and if someone is actually sitting there deeming it unwatchable due to the special effects or music I would say they need their mindset updated.

One of the things I loved about quantum leap was that the way the technology,such as the handlink/ziggy console was portrayed. It was imaginative,colorful and fururistic. They didnít worry about someone sitting there saying ďthe handlink is a bunch of colored blocks?! Thatís silly,it has no display,how can Al read it? ďThe buttons are meaninglessĒ. It didnít have to be explainable or look like something from our time. Thatís the problem with science fiction since the 60ís. Nothing looks futuristic anymore. They seem to be obsessed with creating ugly,dull looking spaceships and technology. That all really started with Star Wars. No offense meant to any Star Wars fans out there.
I still think Forbidden Planet is probably the best Science Fiction film and Robby is still the most futuristic robot ever made. I like the original Lost In Space B9 robot too. Both were designed by Robert Kino****a.
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