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It's true, discs are becoming obsolete. I myself barely buy anymore what I can watch on Netflix or Hulu.

I own the original DVD releases but I couldn't help idealizing a method that eliminated the need to repeatedly get up to change discs. '^_^

Though, there is also some validity. My collection is now missing some episodes.
'MIA' freezes while Al is instructing Sam on removing the bra and my mom accidentally sent the last disc of season 4 to Netflix instead of 27 Dresses years ago.
Now 'Roberto' freezes constantly throughout on my bootleg.

Other episodes on the disc I lost and the condition of which on the bootleg are unknown are:
'Stand Up'
'It's a Wonderful Leap'
'The Curse of Ptah-Ho Tep'.
I'm leaning towards the assumption that they're botched as well.
I had to download 'Temptation Eyes' recently on itunes because I can't stand the replacement music and the bootleg has started skipping at the Chinatown portion.

If the Blu-Ray sets have the original music, it's worth my consideration.

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