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Remastered or "Improved" versions of classic media offer several benefits when they are provided alongside faithful restorations of the original versions:
  • Bring in new fans who may find the dated effects with obvious artifacts, wires, matte lines, etc. off-putting
  • Address mistakes which were easy to miss on 19" televisions in a wooden cabinet but are blindly obvious on a 70" high definition television.
  • Provide an alternative view on the material for fans who have already watched the original so many times they know it by heart

Remasters are not intended to take away from the original. You mentioned mono music. The Beatles catalogue has been at least partly remixed in Stereo. Tangerine Dream has had albums from the 70's completely remixed to provide something different. For everyone who is annoyed by them doing remasters, there's someone else who finds these alternative takes interesting and a new way to experience the material.

I'm thankful that The Next Generation Blu-Ray discs corrected obvious mistakes from the original episodes like upside-down graphics. There is always the original DVDs if you want them. If you want to see the list of changes, here's a good site:

I think the only one out there who has sought to destroy the original versions and force their new remastered version as the "only" version is George Lucas, and he has rightfully been lambasted for it.
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