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Default Quantum leap the beginning again part 3

Sam feeling like he was on cloud 9 he was slowly walking back down a corridor towards his office again and suddenly Sam could here the sounds of the imageing chamber door opening and closing behind him.

Al said behind him

"Sam we need to talk!"

Sam turns around towards Al saying

"no we don't"

"Sam we need to the problem is a lot more serious than we originally thought"

"in what way?"

"let's talk in here" Al pointing at the toilets and after a few taps on the handlink Al disappears.

Sam walks into the toilets and says to Al "OK what have you got?"

"according to ziggy history is changing in a major way Sam. According to history now you don't even quantum leap and you never do and we don't know why or whats causing it. And everything you have done for the past five years is starting to get undone and disappearing like ice"

"what's causing it?"

"we don't know Sam time is slowly shifting and as it becomes more and more certain we will start to see the changes take affect which means..."

"you suddenly could disappear"


"so what stoping me from quantum leaping?"

"it could be you we don't have a clue at this moment yet we will get more data as the future takes more of a hold. So if you are responsible for changing the future stop it right now Sam"

"but am not doing anything"

Al looks at the handlink as it glows red, yellow and green.

"you're doing something Sam. OK I will go back to see if ziggy can give me any more data"

Al taps the handlink and the imaging chamber door opens and he steps into the white background and the door closes again.


A project technician is walking towards the control room down a near by corridor and as he is walking towards the room suddenly a big flash of light covers him from all aparts of his body and red electricity covers his entire body in a great red quantum leap light and after it fades away a new persona has leaped into him.

Feeling a bit uneasy from the leap in he walks into one of the near by toilets another toilet in the complex he looks at himself in the mirror and says to himself

"I need to find Sam"

End of part 3
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