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Default The Nanny Express / Dean Stockwell

I admit it - I watch the sappy Hallmark channel movies regularly. "The Flower Girl" movie was playing, so I set up the DVR to record it and saw a commercial for another movie, "The Nanny Express" had Dean Stockwell in it. How could I not hit "record" a second time?

He played an ailing father with pulmonary disease who was nearing the end of his life. My (Sci Fi) well-educated teens both yelled "AL!" when they saw him on screen, lol.

Cute movie, a little sappy and predictable, but the actors/actresses did a good job with the script. Dean was excellent and believeable in his role, although he didn't have enough screen time, imo.
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Let me assure you, you are not alone. I too enjoy the occasional Hallmark film and have seen The Nanny Express many times. It was quite a treat to see Dean Stockwell even in such a tragic role. He still had the stubbornness of Al.

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