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Default Happy Anniversary Al's Place website!

Congratulations Brian on another year of hosting.
This place is great, my home away from home - and no hangover afterwards!

Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.(Leo Buscaglia) Helen in Bedford
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Thanks especially to Morgan Feldon, without whose generosity of hosting, this website would not be possible to keep online.

Thanks to all the fans and friends who support the site and enjoy it! Things are a little slow in the Quantum Leap world, but I know Leapers are out there watching and waiting. One day.... Quantum will return!

Thank you!!

Brian Greene
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Congrats to all!
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I'm still tickled to be involved in the Quantum Leap community.
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Avid leapers are still out there as evidenced by the number of people at the Comicon in Toronto a couple of weeks ago who attended the talk with Scott and Dean.
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