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Default I want to like the new series, but…

it’s just painful. The hologram girl is a wet blanket—none of the Sam / Al energy. At the heart of it, the original show is a guy friend show.

I hate the pacing, dramatic music, and weird side stories with characters. The original show was about a story, and didnt rely on this nonsense.

This show reminds me of every junky Star Trek series that lost the magic of The Original Series. It took about 5 failures for Star Trek to come up with Strange New Worlds—and reclaim the magic of TOS.

The original QL often reminds me of TOS—Kirk/Spock’s relationship often mirrors that of Sam/Al—and the bravado of Sam parallels Kirk.

I’m really trying with this new show bc I want the Sam/Al story to have another chapter. Just wish it wasnt done this way. Meh
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I have my problems with the new show but WOW.

This'll go well.

Btw TNG > TOS.
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