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Default QL on Netflix

I discovered that QL is on Netflix now. MIA has Georgia On My Mind in it, but I thought the DVDs omitted most of the original music. Netflix streams DVDs, so did I miss a new release of the DVDs with some of the original music? Thank you!
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Netflix is showing Quantum Leap in High Definition, meaning that the 35mm film negatives were scanned. As a side benefit, they contain all the correct music with no substitutions. By the way if you buy the episodes on iTunes, you get the same thing. I've got all 5 seasons of Quantum Leap on my hard drive in High Definition and it's glorious to watch. There are some glitches, and the 2nd half of the Pilot is a syndicated cut version.

Now that Quantum Leap is being released in Blu-ray in Australia, it will be interesting to see if there is improvement.

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Shame that didn't last.
QL is no longer on Netflix.
It's on Hulu but not with the original music.

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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
Shame that didn't last.
QL is no longer on Netflix.
It's on Hulu but not with the original music.
iTunes has all the original music or at least for MIA.

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