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Originally Posted by LadyKayoss
I love Harry! Is this story online somewhere? I'd love to read it.
I, um, kinda never finished it! Helen always used to beta my fic (which NEVER, ever got finished). I do have a Quantum Leap/Buffy crossover that is completed (at least in long hand) and I WILL get around to typing it up one of these days ...

Y'never know, I might actually finish some stories for the big QL zine we want to publish for the convention!
Take the Leap:

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*A jockey. Imagine Sam leaping in just in a moment when horses are on the track racing.

*Or a show jumper in the competition (leaps in right before it's his turn and the previous one just finishes).

Those lines were spoken by a horse fan and a horse owner...
Sam:"Bonanza was never like this..."

I like that quote, because I'm a huge Bonanza fan myself.
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