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Default New Thread from Candle in the water

Originally Posted by leaper1
yeah ditto to what Snish says - I love your off the wall humor Bex..
Yes, my mother keeps commenting on my mad sense of humour, although advises that not all appreciate it, she does though.

Originally Posted by leaper1
(Oh and tell me your secret - I've hit a plateau and can't seem to lose any more. Even without the chocolate I gave up years ago.)
After tyring many things, I settled on excercise and eating healthier and guess what, it works!! Who'd have thought. However, even after doing this you can still reach a plateau, my sister has although its a very skinny one. I have, however discovered a couple of things. Firstly get your thyroid function checked, bad thyroid = no weight loss. Second, a few lots of excercise 3 or 4 times a day seems to work heaps better than 30-40 minutes in one hit, less sweaty too. I'm still experimenting with this one. One last thing, here in australia there are these cookbooks from this lady called Annette Sym, EVERYBODY uses them and they are unbelievable, all your fave recipes, low fat, low sugar, low sodium (great for diabetics) and highly delicious, we had the seafood lasagna last night and it was to die for. Here is the link to her website, http://www.symplytoogood.com.au/ . I just received books 1 & 2 for my birthday and now I have the whole set. My new hobby is cooking, and my new 'collection' is as many of her ingredients as I can keep in my freezer and pantry so I can make any of her recipes whenever I want.

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