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Exclamation Seeking feedback for new QL project

OK, everyone, I've been sort of sitting on some ideas for a while now, but I think now is the time to start sharing some of them with the QL community.

As I might have mentioned briefly before, I've gradually been getting back into Quantum Leap after "taking a break" for a few years. The main catalyst for this is my girlfriend Amada Anderson who I've now known for a little over a year and is the greatest thing that's happened to my life. She is a very talented actress/singer, as well as an intuitive/tour guide/web-mistress/etc. She is also quite possibly a bigger QL geek than everyone here combined and when she started reading my Virtual Seasons stories, she told me that I was one of the most talented people she'd ever met. The "old-timers" here probably remember that I hit a major snag in my writing many years ago and it kind of brought me down, but I'm now inspired again!

So, first and foremost, one thing I definitely need to do is get back in touch with Mike Bloxam and MJ Cogburn so that I can finish "Fate's Wide Wheel" for The Virtual Seasons. This brings me to another idea I've been toying with for quite some time:


At first, I thought that this could be a new virtual fan-fiction series spinning out of The Virtual Seasons that I could set up and have other people submit stories for. However, I've given it more thought and I think it could possibly work better as an audio drama in the style of The Quantum Leap Radio Files. The overall premise is that Sam Beckett finally returns home for good and perfects the retrieval program. The project is upgraded to Version 2.0 and Ziggy is now able to leap anyone through time and retrieve them at will. Sam and Al would still be involved, but in more supportive roles. (In fact, Sam would likely still leap every now and then.) The only difference this time is that leapers are no longer stranded in the past with no way back. Basically, I want to get QL back to its roots and tell stories about helping to put right what once went wrong, but the new twist is that the leaper is in control and can go home whenever he/she wants. I think this could be a natural progression of the series and expand upon the Quantum Leap universe (or multiverse, as the resolution to "Fate's Wide Wheel" would imply). A Quantum Leap for the 21st Century, as it were. I'd like to hear people's thoughts on this. If anyone wants more details (or would like to collaborate), just let me know and I will try to explain further. I am also posting this on the facebook page.

This is but one of several projects I want to start working on (most others are non-QL related). There are a couple of other QL things I want to mention, but I will create separate posts for those.

Until next time!


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It sounds like a great idea. You know I wish there was an interactive game For Quantum Leap were you have choices and what ever you pick something happens as a result of that.
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