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Default Robin Williams

I'm very sad about Robin Williams. I loved Mork & Mindy as a kid and he portrayed a lot of other wonderful characters over the years. He was a talented individual. Does anyone else care to share thoughts?
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Felt very sad all day yesterday.
To lose him at all is awful, but under such circumstances - just tragic.
There were some lovely tributes on tumblr.
I added my thoughts to one of them...


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Very sad about Robin Williams' tragic suicide. Lots of us fail to understand why a funny man, a career comic would or could suffer from depression.
Depression is not new and has been around for ages. Lots of famous people suffer from this ailment (Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln) and many our our returning war veterans are batteling this along with PTS.
I think its a real tragedy.
RIP Robin Williams
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A tragic loss indeed.
Supposedly it was a confirmed suicide by hanging after he'd been battling severe depression. Not any easy spot in such a high energy and silly man but I sincerely hope that if at all possible those around him attempted to help him.

His greatness is immortal, and shall hold strong in our hearts and the hearts of our descendants forever. My far in the future children will certainly know of him, the 90's as a whole more than of this current sh** that's around.

It's a blessing that we have a little piece of him in Quantum Leap. It was his performance in Good Morning Vietnam which taught our all business scientist to sometimes let loose and embrace silliness in the season two episode Good Morning Peoria.

You will be missed Robin Williams. R.I.P

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I was very much saddened(and still am) by the loss of Robin Williams. My sincerest condolences go out to his family.

~Steve B.
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