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Default Quantum leap a leap to far

Part 1

Sam leaps from his current leap and it feels like he has leaped millions of times even tho in actual reality he probably hasn't.

Sam has lost count of how many people he had leaped into and it felt like his leaping journey may go on forever but like what Al said on a previous leap "no one lives forever"

Sam was wondering when his leaping journey would come to a end.

But serectly he didn't want his leaps into time to end as well because serectly he loved traveling through time.

And like always Sam was leaping into his new time and place but he said to himself.

"who am I going to be this time and when?"

As the blue wash of light faded completely over his entire body Sam was holding a cegar in one hand and he dropped it and he his other hand he was holding a hand link.

Sam looked at the link in complete shock the device was flashing red, yellow and green.

And Sam found himself in a blue room and he heard the head programmer say to him from one of the speakers in the imaging chamber.

"Al, AL is everything OK?"

Sam with a complete shock on his face says.

"oh boy!"

Meanwhile in the waiting room

Al found himself now inside Sam's body he was a little bit shakey from the leap in.

He was holding himself up by touching the table in the center of the waiting room Al looked at the mirror inside the table and he saw Sam looking back at him from the looking glass....

And Al looking shocked

Says "oh boy!" to himself

End of part 1
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