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Default Quantum leap a encounter with zoltar

Part 1

With wave after wave of blue light the quantum leap energy passed over Sam's body like a waterfall and Sam was traveling through time he felt like he was swimming through a ocean of time and star light and like always he started to land....

After the blue light fades away and the electric energy finished to pass through his entire body he found himself walking down a pier and he saw amusements all around him with a big fair ground wheel at the end of the pier and games and activities all over the place.

Sam loved the fair and it was early in the evening around 6:00pm and as he was taking in the fun scene.

Something caught his eye straight away right their all by it self against a wall was zoltar!

Sam feeling really excited walked up to the machine.

Sam saw the machine it was a glass cude box painted blue and had a middle east design and was beautifully made looking machine that had inside the machine a man looking like he was sat down and looking a lot like an india genie and a above the machine was a sign that was lit up that said

" zoltar speaks!"

The machine said 25 cents to play Sam was hoping that the new person he had leaped into had money he quickly checked his pants pockets and was so greatful to the find his wallet and as soon as he found the wallet he said.


Out loud To himself in excitement he took the money out of his wallet and dropped the money into the slot of the machine.

As soon as sam had paid the machine zoltars eyes started to glow red straight away and his mouth opened and closed and opened and closed again, again and again and a strange breathing sound could be heard.

Suddenly a sign started to light up just behind zoltar to his left that read

"aim ramp at zoltars mouth"

Sam started to turn the two small wheels controls at the front of the machine. And Sam very carefully aims the ramp right infront of zoltars mouth and as soon as sam had achieved this another message lights up at the front of the machine that reads

"zoltar says make your wish"

Sam looks at zoltar eyes and every feeling in his body made him say

"I wish I was home"

Sam throught his answer at first and then said it out loud. As soon as the words left his mouth.

Another message from the right side of zoltar lights up and says.

"press red button to release coin"

With zoltar still breathing in a strange way over and over again.

Sam pressed the red button and the 25 cents rolls down the ramp and falls directly in zoltars mouth and zoltar takes the money.

Suddenly a card drops out of the front of the machine where the card is presented.

Sam picks up the zoltar speaks card which has a picture of zoltar on the front of it he takes the card and turns it over and the card reads.

"your wish is granted"

Sam repeats the words out loud and looks at zoltar and as soon as the words had left Sam's mouth zoltars red eyes switch off and zoltar stops breathing and moving and the whole machine powers down.

Sam wondering what is happening suddenly hears Al's voice saying from his right.

"Sam!, Sam!"

Sam turns to his right and sees Al In a corridor and as he looks back to try and find zoltar, zoltar and the fair ground is completely gone Sam finds himself wearing a white shirt and black pants and has a ID card on his top pocket of his shirt and Sam is standing in one of the main corridors of project quantum leap.

the head programmer soon joins Al and stands next to Al and says

"Dr beckett"

And Sam in complete shock looking at both of his friends says outloud

"oh boy!"

End of part 1
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Part 2

Sam couldn't believe it he was looking at Al in person Sam thought to himself.

"am I home?"

He looked at his name tag on his top pocket that read

"Dr Sam Beckett"

He thought to himself again

"had I leaped out?..... Why would I leap?"

Then he didn't care who's body he was in he said out loud

"am home"

He ran up to Al and hugged him

Al was looking really uncomfortable and said

"is everything OK buddy"

Sam looked at Al and said

"its really you Al not hologram you"

Al looking deeply confused and the head programmer watching the whole scene with interest said to sam

"is everything OK Dr beckett?"

Sam says

"everything is good"

Sam started to run down the corridor and he ran straight to his office opening the door and stepping inside the moment he stepped into the office their was a mirror on the wall Sam looked at himself in the mirror and he saw himself looking back from the looking glass.

He noticed he had a little bit of white hair in his hair and he started to touch his own face and he said out loud to himself.

"its me, it's me"

After the shock of being home he started to do a little bit of detective work he sat down in his own chair in his own office turned the computer on and found out after a few minutes of research even tho the year was 1999 for the past five years Sam had not been leaping from life to life the reason of losing funding to prove his research had not occurred in this time line, in his time line Sam got has money straight away and for the past five years he had been working on reports and improving the technology to make the time machine work even better.

He almost didn't believe what he was reading it was like he had leaped into a different version of himself. A another Sam from another universe suddenly without warning as he sat up out of the chair zoltar was against the wall of the office Sam walked towards it slowly and said out loud.

"how can you be here?"

As soon as he walked up to zoltar, zoltar eyes glowed red and flashed then at the very same moment Sam could hear the imaging chamber door open and when Sam turned around Sam was back on the pier and he was in the fair ground again and after a few more taps of the hand link Sam was just looking at his holographic friend from the future.

End of part 2
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Part 3

For a moment Sam was blankly looking at Al and Al says to Sam wearing his sliver jacket and tie and his usual clothes.


"are you OK buddy?"

Sam looks around and replies

"why am I back here? I was..... Home?"

"home? Do you mean the project? " Al looking confused.

Sam very slowly said

"Al yes..... I was home back at the project and you where there....."

Sam looks at the zoltar machine and continues to say

"Al I made a wish with zoltar and then I was home like a bink of a eye"

Sam shows Al the card he had taken from the machine.

Al looks at the hand link for support and while slowly listening to his friend he put a cegar in his mouth and tapped the hand link and said out loud to anyone who was listening.

"can you make any sense of what Sam's saying Ziggy?"

Al watched as the colored lights started to dance all over the device.

And Al was reading the hand link and says to Sam.

"Sam very interesting even tho Ziggy not sure what you are saying she does confirm that your brain waves have started to change slightly to the point when it is matching how your brain pattern was once was before you made your first quantum leap into time"

Sam says to Al.

"that's right when I was home that version of me never leaped.....? I got the funding I needed......? so I never needed to leap to prove anything but am back here now which doesn't make sense." Sam looking like he is trying to recall a long lost dream.

"my memory's are starting to fade a little, it's hard to remember"

Al with a very unbelieving reaction on his face says out loud.

"I think it would do no harm if Dr beaks got involved as soon as possible"

Sam says to Al

"just out of interest who am I? This time?"

Al starts to walk around Sam by his side and taps the handlink and says

"OK Sam it's September 20 1997 and your leaped into John greenwood and you work here at the fair and why you're here? According to ziggy...... we're not sure but according to ziggy their is a 67.3 per cent chance what ever you are here to do its got something to do with the zoltar machine "

" why zoltar? "

" not sure? " Al looking a little confused at the hand link looking at the device with interest and continuing to say

" but we are still working on it sam"

And in that moment Al and the fair ground started to fade away like fog and disappeared like rain on a windowpane everything went bright white and then was replaced by Sam standing all alone in his office at the project. Sam eyes started to hurt like hell he sat himself down in his office chair very carefully and after a few minutes he pasted out in his chair.

End of part 3
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Part 4

Sam wakes up and finds himself laying down on the table in the waiting Room with Dr beaks monitoring Sam closely with him linked up to a heart monitoring machinery.

He slowly picks himself up and sits up and Dr beaks says

"how are you feeling Sam?"

"good a little shaken what just happened?"

"you pasted out and Al and gooshie both brought you here, but interestingly I don't know why but me and Ziggy has been monitoring your brain waves too and your brain waves are a little distorted as if you have been traveling in time"

"but that's silly isn't it?"

"I know but we don't have any other explanation"

Sam looks at the Dr looking like a man holding onto a secret.

"Dr I think I know why but the problem is you wouldn't believe me even in a million years"

"how so?" the Dr looking really interested.

"Dr I may look like your Sam but I don't think I am your Sam I am from a version of time where I had to quantum leap because the government wouldn't fund this project"

"but Sam that didn't happen the government approved your funding without question because they could see the potential of the project."

"Well in that way your Sam was lucky but my government from my reality needed convincing so I stepped into the time machine and for the past five years I have been bouncing around in time putting right what once went wrong and recently I leaped into a theme park attended and I found a zoltar machine and I made a wish that I wanted to go home and now I am here in this reality where another version of me didn't leap in the first place. "

" Sam do you know what that sounds like? "

Sam looking down at his feet says

" I know it sounds like a make believe story but to me it happened I have been leaping through time and maybe the zoltar machine is giving me a chance to choose? "

" choose what Sam? "

" to carry on as the Sam who didn't leap or to carry on as me the Sam who took the chance and carry on leaping around in time. "

" what makes you think you have been traveling around in time Sam? "

" sorry Dr I don't have time for this"

Sam starts to unattach himself from the the equipment and Dr beaks says to Sam looking concerned.

"in your present mental state I wouldn't recommend you leaving Sam"

Dr beaks presses a near by button summoning assistance. Sam jumps down from the table and a few members of staff enter the waiting room and stop Sam in his tracks and they say to Sam.

"am sorry sir but you can't leave"

Sam says

"oh boy"

Then the scene changes and Sam is back on the pier.

Al says

"Sam, Sam, Sam!"

"its OK am here"

"don't scare me like that Sam for a moment it was like you were frozen like a statue I have been trying to reach you for at least 10 minutes"

"I was back home again Al this leap is starting to be a little weird it's like I am jumping from one reality to the another a bit like leaping but am not OK Al go back and see if Ziggy can find out why am here and I can leap out OK?

Al says

"am on it"

He taps the handlink and the imaging chamber door opens Al steps into the whiteness of the door and says

"I'll be back before you know it"

After a few more taps of the hand link Al was gone.

End of part 4
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Part 5

Sam walks back over to zoltar and says to the machine.

"what am I supposed to do? Stay as me, me or become the other me the Sam who didn't leap"

Suddenly zoltar eyes glow red and his mouth starts moving up and down and a card drops out of the machine.

Sam takes the card with interest and turns the card over and reads the message on the card.

"the road not traveled is only one of possible reality's its up to you to decide why your here"

Sam starts thinking about the message and says out loud to himself

"its up to me?"

He smiles to himself he looks at zoltar eyes again and this time his eyes turn blue and Sam finds himself back in the waiting room laying down on the table.

He says sorry Dr he quickly picks himself up jumps off the table and makes a run for it he runs out of the waiting room with Dr beaks saying from behind him

"Sam! Sam!"

As Sam runs down the corridor suddenly the base goes on red alert and red lights in the corridor start flashing all over the place.

Sam runs into the main control room and gooshie says with concern.

"what's going on?"

"gooshie get me a suit?"


"I don't have time to explain get me one now"

The head programmer looking confused nods and runs off looking for a suit.

In that moment Al and army personnel enter the room and Al says

"what are you doing Sam?"

Sam looks at the group and says

"Al where's Donna?"


"yes where is she?"

"she left you at your wedding remember she's not here"

"exactly Al you might not believe this but I hope you will I am a Sam from another reality where I used this time machine and when I was traveling through time I saved Donna by getting her in touch with her father and from that moment I changed history and from that moment I kept on bouncing around in time putting right what once went wrong and I firmly believe that it's my destiny to travel in time and help to make the world a better place in a way because your Sam didn't leap everything I have done for the past five years hasn't happened in this reality. Believe me Al there is alot of people out there in time waiting for me to make their lives better. "

" but what about you Sam? do you ever get back home? "

Sam looking lost for words for a moment says

" I did once I swear to God I will again Al your Sam, me needs to quantum leap I need to help people. "

Al looking confused not sure what to make of this whole situation suddenly says.

" OK go Sam go"

Al tells the man to stand down Sam puts on the white quantum leap suit and all of the staff in the control room starts to power up Ziggy.

Sam walks up the ramp and turns around and says to Al.

"Al thank you for believing in me"

Al nods

Sam steps into the leaping chamber he stands on the big round plate in the center of the room and air starts raising from the floor and Sam starts putting his arms up slowly raising them up above his head and in that moment he is covered in a wash of blue quantum leap energy and Sam leaps into time.....

Within a bink of a eye Sam is back in the fair ground looking at zoltar and he says to zoltar.

"thank you for the opportunity"

Zoltar eyes glow red again and another card drops out of the machine.

The card reads

"the road not taken has now joined the road that is taken and is now complete."

Suddenly in that moment Al reappears and says

"Sam Ziggy knows why you here"

"OK why?"

"its because in the original history John makes a wish from the zoltar machine and his life gets turned up side down and it results in John committing suicide so Ziggy says their is a 92.3 per cent chance you're here to simply get the zoltar Machine switched off and get the machine off the pier"

Sam nods

Sam talks to the near by fair ground staff and after a few hours a toe truck puts the machine onto the truck and starts driving it away from the fair ground as the machine is going away.

Al looks at the hand link and says

"you did it buddy John doesn't commit suicide and he goes on having a really rewarding career in the fair."

Sam looks at Al and says

"thank you buddy"

In that moment Sam is covered in blue quantum leap light and Sam leaps out.....

When Sam lands and the leap fades away he finds himself climbing up a mountain and starting to look afraid he says out loud to himself as a mountaineer

"oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!"

Meanwhile the zoltar machine falls into the dump and one of the lorry workers looks at zoltar and suddenly the machine busts into life his eyes turn red and the lorry driver not sure how the machine can still be working without power drops a coin into the slot and the mouth starts breathing again in a strange way and a card drops out of the machine saying...

"your wish is granted"

The end
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