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Default Quantum leap the leap back (again)

Part 1

Sam was leaping through time and his whole body was a wash with bright blue light and he felt he was traveling through time like a speeding bullet when Sam was traveling through the void of space and time he always wondered where he would end up next and Sam was beginning to land.

With wave, after wave of bright blue light when the leap had faded away and finished Sam found himself sat down on a chair in a big blue room he got up from the chair and he remembered the room....was it the waiting room?

was he home? He wondered to himself he walked up to the near by table and looked at himself in the mirror and for the first time in a very, very long time he saw himself looking back at him from the looking glass.

He took in a deep breath and said

"oh boy"

"am back! "

He remembered the white suit he was wearing and being filled with great joy he ran to the exit of the waiting room and he pressed the door control and the silver door opened like the imaging chamber door by siding upwards.

Sam left the room and slowly walked down the corridor taking in the whole scene he was back at project quantum leap and he was him again after so many leaps, so many mirror images that wasn't his own this time around he was again

Dr Sam Beckett.

He ran towards the control room and as he runs into the room he catches Al off guard and says to Al.

"am home Al!"

Al looks at his friend and says

"oh boy!"

End of part 1
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Part 2

Sam hugged Al after so many leaps trapped into the past Sam finally meets Al his friend in the physical.

Al said

"its been a long time sam"

Sam let go of Al and says

"what's today's date Al? is it current you, you?"

"of course it's current me Sam is November 21 1999"

Sam smiles and gooshie greets Sam saying.

"welcome back again Dr beckett"

"I told you I would be back"

Then just behind the console Sam notices Donna and says


He runs to her going behind the console and kisses her straight on the mouth after he kissed her he says

"I told you I would be back"

She smiles and Al says to sam

"Sam we have another person who would like to meet you"

Sam looking a little confused then a lady steps forward and stands next to Al and Al continues to say.

"Sam meet Sammy jo fuller your daughter"

"my daughter?"

Sam feeling overwhelmed by the surprise he sees a much older woman looking like a scientist and wearing glasses Sam steps closer to her and says.

"Sammy jo?"

He hugs her and she says to her dad

"welcome home dad"

"how could I have forgotten you"

"its not your fault dad"

After all the meeting and greetings was done everyone went to the project canteen and started to celebrate Sam big return home with food and drink layed out and Sam had changed back into his normal clothes and just looked like a normal every day guy.

While everyone was having fun and enjoying the food and drink Sam was caught of guard when suddenly he heard the imaging chamber door open and another Al stepped out and after a few taps of the hand link the door closed.

Sam was in complete shock current Al was right in front of him but across the room near the exit their stood another Al just standing all by himself looking towards Sam both looking happy and sad.

Sam made his excuses and said

" I just need to go to the toilet"

Sam walked across the room and when he got up to the other Al he said quietly to hologram Al.

"why are you here? Quick follow me to the men's room"

After a few taps of the hand link Al had disappeared.

Sam feeling both confused and sad he left the canteen and walked into the men's room and Al was stood in the center of the room waiting for him.

"Al how can it be you? And why are you here? am home Al"

"I know buddy....."

Al looking down at the hand link not sure what to say next.

"we thought you were back to, to stay"

"what do you mean?"

"Sam I don't want to be the bearer of bad news but even tho you have leaped back to your own place in time you do have a mistake to change in time. You see Sam am from the future one year into the future and Ziggy, future Ziggy knows why you are here"

"Al I don't want to know. Am not changing anything this time Al because you know if I do I will leap again and I don't want to do that."

Sam turns around away from Al almost leaving the toilet all together he folds his arms looking really not pleased with the whole situation.

"Sam it's Tom"

"what do you mean Tom?"

Sam turns back around looking at Al
Finally having Sam's attention.

"Sam your leaped back for Tom"

"why what happens?"

Al reading directly from the colored box

"tomorrow tom Beckett trys looking for you Sam Because it's been many years having no contact with him he trys to gain access to the project but while doing so he gets arrested for trying to gain access to a top secret facility and for assaulting two security guards and when he goes to prison he ends up in a prison fight and ends up dead with a knife in his back as you can see Sam Ziggy says your here to save your brother from being killed right here right now a 93.4 per cent sure. "

Sam looking really surprised says.

" so I saved my brother from a war for him just to be killed just in another way"

"but Sam you can change all that now"

"but at what price Al? if I save my brother I lose everyone again my wife and now my daughter."

"I know it's tough kid no one would say otherwise if you didn't complete your mission this time and you spent the rest of your life back home"

"but Al I can't let Tom die again, again"

And with that Al smiles taps the hand link and the white imaging chamber door opens Al steps into the whiteness of the door and the door closes after a few more taps of the link.

End of part 2
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