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Default Quantum leap in a mirror darkly

Part 1

In a twisted parallel universe Dr Sam Beckett forced the government to fund his project, project quantum leap and with a evil desire he stepped into the quantum leap accelerator and vanished....

Now facing mirror images that wasn't his own he now leaps from life to life making wrong what once went right hoping each time his next leap will be the leap home....

Sam leaps with a wash of red quantum leap energy and he travels through time like a speeding bullet wondering where he will end up next.....

After a few minutes Sam leaps and lands in his next victim and after wave after wave of red light fades away Sam finds himself as a American police swat team member dressed fully in black swat uniform.

Sam notices he is on a rooftop aiming his sniper rifle aiming it at a window where a man has taken hostages and will shoot any of them at any time.

Wondering why he was there. The red imaging chamber door opens and closes and Al appears with a red hand link that flashes with blue and dark red colors.

Sam says without moving his position.

"Al do you have any idea why am here has Ziggy decided what I am here to do?"

Al laughs and looks at the hand link and says

"Sam OK it's 1996, September 22 and your leaped into Mark Morris a full time police swat team member and Ziggy has come up with a really evil plan this time in the original history the police convinced Peter Williamson to leave the house and all the people inside was saved Ziggy says your here to kill Peter and the chief of police down below on street level a 96.4 per cent chance with the chief of police dead Ziggy says that crime will increase by 50 percent and cause mayhem. "

Sam smiles and says it will be my pleasure he aims the weapon at Peter and takes a shoot the bullet hits the window and misses him but Peter starts shouting inside the house and Al says.

" Sam history has changed because your attempted on Peter's life failed the police are no longer successful in convincing him to surrender and now he takes out all of the hostages the police will go in and shot him dead actually this is working out better than Ziggy advised. "

Sam waits and after gun fire and gun fire is heard within the house the police move him and a lot of shoots are heard and Al says looking at the hand link

" you're done it Sam Peter no longer goes to prison his dead "

Sam aims his weapon at the chief of police and opens fire from the top of the building and the chief falls to the ground dead.

Al smiles and says

"your done it Sam crime will increase by 50 per cent and a lot of mayhem is caused fantastic."

Sam gets up with his weapon and as he turns round swat teams bust onto the Rooftop through the door entrance to the roof and Sam aims his weapon and opens fire as he shoots his other team members open fire and in that moment Sam is covered in a wash of red quantum leap energy and he leaps out into time.......

End of part 1
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Part 2

As evil Sam is traveling through time the experience suddenly starts to get even more intense different colors shine all around Sam, blue, yellow, green, red and the experience only lasted a few minutes and like always he feels himself land.....

A police officer is driving a car on the high way and suddenly he is covered in a wash of red light and evil Sam takes his next victim when the light completely fades away Sam notices he is wearing a police uniform and looks at himself in the rear view mirror and smiles and says...

"finally someone with authority and power my kind of leap"

Al appears looking like he is sat next to Sam in the front passenger seat and says.

"hi Sam because your last leap was a huge success we thought we would try something a bit different this time"

Sam focusing on driving the police car says

"how so?"

"Well Sam Ziggy has tried a new type of technology which has worked. when we just leaped you out we used a inter dimensional software that our scientists created and Sam you are the first leaper to leap out of there own dimension. You are now in a complete different dimension and Ziggy has locked onto you dimensionally in the same way you leap through time so I can keep in contact with you as long as the technology holds. "

Sam nods

" so does Ziggy have any idea yet what she wants me to do? "

Al taps the red hand link and says

" not yet but I am sure it will be a really evil plan"

"OK go back to give her a hand"

Al taps the handlink and he disappears

Meanwhile not far away from the evil Sam another police officer in a American diner is drinking coffee and as he is drinking he is over come in a wash of blue quantum leap light and when the blue light fades away good Sam lands and spills the coffee over himself and says.

"ahhh that's hot, hot"

He wapes off the coffee with a napkin and Al appears looking concerned.

"Al, AL it looks like I am a cop"

Al taps the hand link and says

"yes Sam you are, it's August 15 1999 and your leaped into Jake Thomas and in less than a hour you are shot dead by another rogue police officer....."

Sam looks at Al and says

"oh boy!"

End of part 2

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Part 3

"Al why is Jake killed?"

Al hits the hand link and says

"Sam were not sure why it seems like history is changing one version is reading as Jake never dies and has a well rewarding career in the police force and another history is saying he dies right here in this diner less than 40 minutes from now we don't have time to debate this Sam we need to get going now sam"

Al moves the hand link and it goans.

"OK let's go"

Sam leaves the diner and heads for the police car and Al disappears and reappears inside the police car.

Sam gets into the driving seat and pulls away and starts driving towards the highway.

Evil Sam puts his foot down and the police car speeds down the highway like a speed demon.

Sam smiles at himself in the rear view mirror loving the experience and Al reappears and says

"Sam Ziggy has decided your here to kill a police officer called Jake Thomas he's not far from here."

Al tapping the hand link for directions and Sam says.

"OK my time too shine"

Sam laughs as he drives well past the speed limit and turns on his police lights...

End of part 3
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Part 4

Sam starts to pick up speed and says to Al sitting next to him.

"Al who is the killer who is going to kill Jake?"

Al hits the hand link hard and it goans and Al says

"Sam history is changing every minute it's hard to pinpoint the information the link is going completely ca ca"

"make it not ca ca Al"

"am trying Sam believe me am trying"

The hand link flashes all over like a fast lightning Christmas tree.

Al hits the device and says

"I've got something Sam his name is Mark knight and the reason why is..... Come on Ziggy don't let me down...... No"

Al hits the device even more and the hand link goes off.

"Sam I think I've killed it"

Sam says

"oh boy"

Suddenly another police car hits the back of Sam police car and bangs right into the car.

"Well at least we know where he is now"

Sam turns the wheel to the right and forces Sam to drive on the left side of the road evil Sam drives along side Sam's car and turns the driving wheel right hard and bangs Sam's car on the side.

"Sam come on do something"

Sam turns the wheel to the left hard and hits evil Sams car and he drives over onto the hard shoulder.

And Sam puts his foot down and speeds off down the high way.

Evil Sam says with evil Al sat next to him.

"this Jake has spirit I am going to enjoy myself on this leap"

And he puts his foot down and he is in hot pursuit of Jake.

End of part 4
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Part 5

With time running out Al looks at the hand link with the device off it just looked like a plastic colored toy and tapping into the link a few more times lucky the device started to slowly come back to life.

Sam says to Al

"anything has Ziggy got anything?"

Al looks at the hand link closely taking a smoke from his ceger.

And says "bingo Sam Ziggy says it's your best bet is to stop this high speed car chase and face him man to man because at the moment either way just running away from Mark just makes you end up dead."

Sam looking not so sure says

"OK Al let's do it ziggys way"

Sam turns off from the high way and al directs him to a near by field and stops the car Sam gets out and pulls out his fire arm and waits for Mark to arrive.

After a few minutes with evil Al directing Sam evil counter part they pull up and stop behind Jake's car.

Mark quickly gets out of the car and aims his weapon at Jake and both Al's appear standing next to there Sam's.

Good Sam says to mark

"I know you're here to kill me but why?"

Evil Sam slowly walks closer with his fire aim still aimed at Sam and says.

"does everyone need a reason Jake to kill?"

"in My book yes stop right there don't come any closer otherwise I'll shoot"

Mark freezes and shoots Sam in the shoulder and starts laughing Sam in great pain and Al looking concerned for the well fair of his friend. Good Sam makes a Run for it straight for Mark he kicks the gun out of marks hand and grabs mark and in that moment when they both touch each other they both hear the quantum leap sound and there original hosts are seen and then they fade away showing both of them to be both Sam Beckett.

As both Sams look shocked in discovering each other the good Sam throws the other Sam to the floor just behind him he hits the ground and as he picks himself up he looks at his counter part and says

"your me.... This is fantastic"

Both Al's look shocked at the discovery to and evil Al taps into the red hand link and says

"regardless of who Jake is to quantum leap you still need to kill him"

Evil Sam nods at Al and looks at the other Sam and says.

"Well this is for the books I have never killed myself before this is going to be fun"

Good Sam says

"Sam think carefully before you do anything I don't believe for a second that you are a killer I just can't be why kill me Sam why?"

"I don't have to explain myself even if you are me"

"Sam what is your mission here? Your not a killer?"

"I have to do what I must"

Evil Sam runs straight for good Sam looking determined to win good Sam shots his counterpart in the leg and he falls over on the floor while nursing his injured shoulder.

Evil Sam rolls around on the floor in pain and good Sam walks up to his counterpart and aims his weapon for his head and says.

"this is your last chance Sam leave now and leap if you have to and we will end it here"

"why what are you going to do kill me oh am scared Sam"

"Sam what has happened to you your better than this why go around in time hurting people if you have a chance to save them"

"and is that what you do Sam"

"yes I have helped so many people and you can be a hero too it's not to late to change even for you"

Evil Sam starts to think about what the other Sam had said and evil Al says to evil Sam.

"we don't have time for this Sam finish this now other wise Ziggy will trap you forever in time"

Good Sam noticing evil Sam is looking at thin air.

"Sam if you are talking to a hologram don't listen to him you're better than this we are both better than this"

Evil Sam looking really unsure about the whole situation good Al says to good Sam.

"Sam I think your reaching him"

Good Sam says I will show you he lowers his fire aim and puts it down on the ground and walks close to his evil counterpart and bad Sam says

"what are you going to do?"

"show you the way my friend"

Good Sam picks up evil Sam and he hugs him and in that moment good Al looks at the hand link and says

"your done it Sam history is back to how it was Jake lives!"

And good Sam starts glowing with blue quantum leap light and evil Al shouts out to ziggy

"pull Sam out now!"

And evil Sam starts to glow with red quantum leap energy and in that moment both Sams are covered in a wash of blue quantum leap light and they both leap out.......

When the leap fades away both Sam's find each other in a police cell as they have both leaped into two prison inmates.

They both look at each other and good Sam says

"Sam are you OK?"

The other Sam says "still in one piece"

"so what are you going to do with your self now?"

"not sure I can't carry on continuing as I did what do you do in time when you leap from person to person?"

"Well Sam I find out what bad thing happened in the original history and then I fix it and I put it right and then I leap and carry on leaping from life time to life time correcting mistakes in time"

"it sounds like a worthwhile cause"

"it is"

Evil Sam looks out of the bars of the police cell and says to anyone who can hear

"Well I want to put everything right I want to leap like the other Sam does"

And in that moment of reflection he is covered in a wash of blue light and he quantum leaps out.....

When the leap fades away the person he had just leaped into looks really confused and says.

"what's just happened?"

The other Sam looks at the inmate and says

"Well buddy I hope you will find your way at last"

and with that Sam is covered in a wash of blue light too and he quantum leaps into time....

As evil Sam is leaping his quantum leap starts to become red and he leaps back into his own universe.

And when the red leap light fades away he finds himself in himself he has leaped back in the moment before he first quantum leaps into time and he says to his staff

"this time everything is going to be very different"

And returning to good Sam when the blue light fades away Sam finds himself laying on a table with a white sheet over his head and Al quickly appears and says to sam

"Sam what ever you do don't move"

Sam says "why?"

Al quickly taps the hand link and says it because five minutes ago Sam the person you have just leaped into is dead.

Sam says to himself

"oh boy!"

With the heart monitor showing a flat line reading on the screen.
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