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Default Quantum leap the joy of leaping

Part 1

With a wash of blue light Sam felt like he was traveling through the heavens like a jet plane wondering when he could land into his next persona. His traveling through time was like he was flying on the wings of a angel and then he could feel he was leaping in.....

With bright blue light Sam was covered from head to toe with bright blue light and when all the waves washed over him and had faded away Sam found himself standing next to a painting of a mountain landscape.

And Sam was holding a brush in one hand and in the other a palette and Sam looked in front of him standing in front of a black back drop and too his shock he was on TV with a television camera pointing at him.

Sam froze to the spot and just smiled and then the director says to him from off to one side.



Sam started to wave at the camera not sure what to do next and then the director quickly said

"OK that's a wrap cut, cut"

A bell sound was heard and the on air light switches off and the director walks up to Sam and says.

"bob is everything OK?"

Sam quickly says

"am fine no problem am OK"

The director smiles and says

"take five bob"

Then a off stage runner assistant leads Sam to his dressing room and on the door of his dressing room are the words

"bob Ross"

Sam opens the door and closes the door behind him and takes a seat and at that moment Sam looks at himself in the mirror and from the looking glass is a man with a really big afro hair style and Sam says.

"oh boy"

With Sam transfixed with his own mirror image the imaging chamber door opens and Al steps out and after a few taps of the hand link the door closes behind him and Al says to sam.

"Sam you won't believe who's in the waiting room"

"let me guess is it Bob Ross"

"that's right Sam how did you know that?.... Sam this is fantastic your leaped into the legendary Bob Ross"

"Al I don't have many memories of him who is he?"

"don't worry Sam your Swiss cheese memory is probably playing tricks on you again Sam but Bob Ross did a long running TV series called the joy of painting and he is Sam the best loved TV artist ever on American TV."

"so why am I here?" Sam looking confused at Al

Al looking at the hand link looking not sure what to say next tapping the link gently and trying to read the display as the device flashes red, blue and green.

"Well Sam Ziggy's not sure but we are definitely working on it but Sam it's not every day you leap into a living legend."

Sam smiles and says

"true Al what's today's date?"

"its June 23 1993 but Sam you are going to have so much fun on this leap I can feel it in my bones"

Al taps the hand link the imaging chamber door opens Al steps into the door way and says

"this is my kind of leap"

And after a few more taps he disappears leaving Sam to look at his own reflection in the dressing room mirror and Sam says to himself smiling.

"its so good to meet you Bob"

End of part 1
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Part 2

As sam was turning his head in the mirror to see the reaction of his mirror image self In the mirror suddenly he heard a knock on his dressing room door and a tv assistant says through the door.

"mr Ross five minutes until we need you back on set"

Sam looked nervous and said to himself as his mirror image self repeats the same words he is saying to himself.

"I can't go back on air I don't know how to paint"

And after Sam says that to himself he hear the words.

"relax Sam I can and I will help you"

Al walks through the dressing room wall and Al is looking a lot like a painter. Al continues to say

"I thought you might need some help so I came back as fast as I can it's OK Sam I've seen Bob Ross's TV show I know exactly how to help you. And also believe it or not I am a part time painter myself I have done alot of original art myself"

Sam says "you're done everything Al"

Sam smiles back at his mirror image and says to himself

"OK it's showtime"

Sam leaves his dressing room and walks back on set he stands next to a blank canvas and picks up his art brush and painting palette. Al appears as if out of no where and Al has a art easel and blank canvas in the imaging chamber so he can show Sam exactly how to paint and Sam with the help of Ziggy can see Al's canvas near by just opposite him in the room.

The director walks to Sam and says

"are you ready bob?"

Sam looks at Al and smiles and nods

"am ready"

The director smiles and says

"show time in 3,2,1 and your own air!"

The red on air light flashes back on in the studio and the camera aims directly at Sam and then the joy of painting theme song is heard and while Sam can hear the theme intro song he says to himself.

"oh boy"

And when the theme song is over and the titles of

"the joy of painting with Bob Ross fades"

The audience can now see Sam next to his blank canvas and Al starts reading from the hand link of what Sam needs to say and Sam repeats his words and says.

"hello am Bob Ross" with Sam smiling at the audience.

"and I would like to welcome you to the joy of painting series if this is your first time with us I hope you will grab some paints and brushes and paint along with us all and if you have been with us before then I would like to thank you for inviting me back again. OK let's have all the paints you will need to use on this picture will now appear below on the screen. "

Al says" your doing great sam"

Sam quitely saying trying not to be heard.

"thanks Al"

"OK now let's do a fantastic painting let's start with a small amount of faylow blue Sam starts to dam his brush on the blue color and tap your brush remember just tap it that's right tap it just like that and let's start in the corner of the canvas"

Al paints the corner of his canvas of how it should look like and Sam copes Al picture and puts it on his canvas.

And Sam continues to say

"just paint like x's in the corner and let's paint show happy little clouds in the sky."

As time moves on both Al and Sam work hard creating the picture and Sam copys Al really carefully and copying everything Al is saying and doing to sound just like Bob Ross.

As Sam is finishing painting the sky he says to the audience

" and the blue is a happy little color there see and now you have a fantastic looking sky easy"

Time moves on again

As the top half of the canvas has a blue sky Sam paints the lower half of the picture with blue water still directoring the audience of how to create the picture.

And from time to time Sam says to the audience sounding just like Bob.

"there, there"

Al starts to wash his brush and says to Sam OK Bob's signature move he takes the brush out of the thinner liquid and hits the brush on the leg of the canvas Sam does the same and repeats Al's words saying.

"OK let's beat the devil out of it smiling to the audience."

After hitting the brush against the easel leg Sam continues to paint the picture.

He paints the clouds at the top half of the picture and continuing to sound like Bob time moves on again.

Sam starts to paint a mountain on the canvas and says

" OK let's decide where you're mountain is going to live just there, just there that's it"

As time moves on Sam has completed a mountain scene just underneath the blue sky and above the blue water.

Sam ads white shading carefully to the mountains.

And says

"look at it there no pressure no pressure, there's only happy little accidents here."

Sam completes all the white shading to his mountain landscape and the mountains look like they have lots of snow on the peaks.

As Sam progresses on he starts to paint myst underneath the mountains and then he add lots and lots of trees in the foreground and a lake is seen in the middle surrounding the trees.

And to finish the painting off he adds greeny around the trees and adds a log cabin In the wood land.

And after finishing the painting Sam signs the picture in the left corner of the picture in red paint painting

The words

"Ross" in the corner

And Sam finishes by saying to the audience.

"I hope you have enjoyed this painting today thank you for joining me today and I hope you will enjoy me again in the near future from all of us happy painting God bless."

Then the program goes to titles and Al looks at Sam finished masterpiece and says.

" Sam Bob would be proud "

Sam smiles and says

" thanks Al"

The director says from off stage

"and that's a wrap good job"

A bell is sounded and the red on air light flashes off in the studio and continues to say to Sam.

"you did great today Bob well done"

Sam says "thank you"

Sam walks back to his dressing room and sits back down in front of the mirror and with Sam hands covered in paint Sam says to his mirror image.

"we did great that was fun"

End of part 2
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Part 3

While in bobs dressing room Sam gets up and starts washing his hands in the near by sink.

And Al reappears with the hand link flashing all over and Al says to sam.

"Sam Ziggy knows why you're here"

Sam listens intently to Al and says

"OK go on"

Al reads from the device

"in the original history Sam bob was teaching the joy of painting to so many people across the country that he missed a kid called Kyle Watkins now this kid contact the station many times for a one to one teaching but due to bob not being available due to his work load he wasn't able to teach him and due to this rejection he goes off and when he grows up Sam he goes off the rails and becomes a drunk and unable to hold any job down he ends up dead due to drugs and alcohol poisoning. "

Ziggy says if Bob had taught him the joy of painting to Kyle there is a 94.3 per cent change Sam it would of totally transformed his life and saved him and give Kyle a stable job in art as a self employed painter and that's why you're here Sam to save Kyle by teaching him the joy of painting. "

Sam says" OK what's Kyle number so I can reach him? "

Al looks for the number on the hand link and says" OK Sam it's...... "

Sam writes down his number and leaves the dressing room and uses the stations telephone in a near by office.

The number rings and then a kid answers and says

" hello? "

" hi is this Kyle? "

" yes who's calling? "

" my name is Bob Ross and am calling to help you"

"really omg Bob Ross!"

"I want to teach you how to paint how quickly can you get to the TV station?"

With the TV crew finished for the day bob stays behind with the caretaker of the building willing to keep the building open while Bob helps Kyle.

As soon as Kyle enters the studio Sam greets him on the set of the joy of painting and with a new blank canvas and with Al ready to teach them both how to paint.

Sam brings Kyle up to the canvas and he gives him a brush and art paints and says to Kyle

"let's begin"

End of part 3
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Part 4

As before Al sets up a canvas in the imaging chamber and Al starts to paint a black mountain scene in the foreground and with black trees using midnight black.

Sam looking at the picture that only he can see he then starts directing Kyle to recreate Al's picture very slowly doing the same brush strokes as Al.

With Kyle's dad watching them just of stage he walks up to both of them and says to sam.

"thank you Bob so much for teaching my son he watches your show all of the time and when we contacted the TV station a few times we where All most losing hope."

Sam smiles and says

"no problem it's my pleasure to help any way I can"

With the front wilderness scene complete Al starts to focus on the sky part of the painting.

Al starts coloring in the sky with a yellow color gently coloring in the sky and Sam tells Kyle to do the same and not very long the picture starts to look really good and takes shape.

Now using red Sam helps Kyle to blend both the yellow and red colors together to create a sun set scene. And above the yellow and the red they paint a purple color at the top of the canvas finishing the sky scene of the painting.

Sam then asks Kyle to hit their brush using the canvas leg.

And they both smile and laugh and says.

"that's right let's......"

Kyle finishes off his sentence by saying

"beat the devil out of it"

"that's right"

And as time moves on both Al, Sam and Kyle finishes the painting and in the foreground it has a pretty wood land scene with bright greeny and Sam had done it with the help of Al creating another master piece work of art.

Sam says to kyle

"your done it buddy you can take that art work home with you"

Kyle being overcome with joy says to Bob.

"thank you this is fantastic"

"remember Kyle you too can paint if you put your mind to it."

Kyle hugs bob and leaves with his dad with their finished art work Al walks over to Sam looking at the hand link and says.

"once again you've done it buddy Kyle is fine more than fine"

With Sam smiling he says to Al.

"what happens to him Al?"

Al reads the colored box and says

"Kyle keeps practicing the art of painting and continues to watch bobs show and he becomes a self employed artist and has produced well more than 400 paintings he has his own art studio and has a really good income from his art and he never touches drink. You did it Sam you saved his life. "

Sam smiles and says

" that's great Al that's great "

And in that moment Sam is standing on the set of the joy of painting and he is overcomed with a wash of blue quantum leap light and he leaps into time.....

When the light fades away Sam finds himself in a dressing room and he is surprised to see himself as bob again in the mirror and Al reappears at his side and says

"Sam it's now 1995"

"al am Bob again why?"

Al says to sam

"Sam Ziggy says your here to do one more task your here Sam to do one more the joy of painting episode because in the original history before bob dies he had done 403 episodes of the show and Ziggy says you are here to do just one more for Bob making it 404 episodes before he leaves this mortal coil."

"Al what does bob die of?"


"OK I will do one more episode for Bob"

End of part 4
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Part 5

Al says

"this is the moment Sam in the original history bob says today to the director no for continuing the series but your now here Sam to change all of that"

Sam smiles at himself in the mirror and says

"lets do it"

Sam leaves the dressing room and heads for the set of the joy of painting and the director says to Bob.

"Bob were sorry to hear about your ill health so how do you feel about just doing one more episode of the joy of painting"

Sam says

"let's do it"

A bell sound is heard and the "on air" light flashes on in the studio.

Again with Al in the background having a new canvas set up Sam copys Al and does a new original mountain landscape painting and after finishing the painting Sam looks into the camera and saying

"thank you all so much for watching over the years we all have created together many unique and original paintings to proof that any one can paint so remember with practice, practice, practice you too can be a great painter so remember stay positive and you too can paint God bless you all for watching "

Sam blows a kiss to the viewers and the director says

" that's a golden wrap on the joy of painting series "and the on air light flashes off and all the on set team comes up to Sam and shakes his hand.

The director says

" you're done it bob that episode 404 is in the can thank you so much. "

Sam smiles and says

" no problem "

Sam walks back to the dressing room and al appears saying.

"your done it Sam bob Ross completes his 404 episode of the joy of painting"


"so what?"

"why am I not leaping right now?"

Al taps the hand link and asks Ziggy and al looking really surprised by what he is reading he says to sam.

"Ziggy says before you can leap bob in the waiting room has leaped into the future to help me paint a picture and to help me improve my art skills"

Sam says

"that's great"

"that is" Al taps the hand link and the imaging chamber door opens Al steps into the door way and says

"I guess I have a art lesson to go to"

And the door closes.

Meanwhile in the waiting room

Both Al and Bob have set up two canvases set up in front of them and Bob is helping Al paint a mountain scene and one of the mountains looks like one of the quantum leap mountains with it glowing with quantum leap energy washing over the mountain.

As as they finish the painting bob says to Al.

"that's it you are a really good painter Al"

Al says "thank you so much Bob this has been a golden moment for me and plus thank you for being a inspiration to a lot of people for helping them to know and to believe and know that they can paint too"

Bob smiles and

Says "it's been my pleasure"
Al picks up both off the pictures and walks out of the waiting room saying

"where can I hang these two great pictures"

Bob walks up to the table in the waiting room and says out loud pretending his own air of his TV show.

"thank you for watching and god bless you all"

And in that moment he is overwhelmed with a wash of blue quantum leap light and Bob and Sam leaps out into time.....

When the leap fades away the new person to find themselves in the waiting room is Tommy Oliver he looks at himself in the mirror and sees Sam mirror image looking back at him and he looks up with a golden power ranger coin in his hand and he says.

"its morphin time!"

And Sam turns into a green ranger inside the waiting room.

Quantum leap meets power rangers

Coming soon
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