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Default A positive message regarding fan made quantum leap projects

Hi this is a message I left on the quantum leap fan made video of quantum leap a leap to die for on you tube and I just would like to share it with every quantum leap fan who is thinking about doing any fan made project to do with quantum leap I hope this will inspire you the reason why I am sharing it is because the message I left is very positive and I just would like to encourage and inspire anyone to help keep the story of quantum leap alive enjoy!

The message I would like to share with everyone is this :-

Also I just want to say first thank you to Christopher Allen for liking my last comment but also I would like to say quantum leap is one of those TV shows I am deeply passionate about I love that show I really do and since that show went off air back in 1993 it was something that deeply shocked me to the core but along time ago I honestly thought that no fan should do any fan made project unless the quality was there but my feelings has changed now on that subject to the point of the way I see it now is regardless if a fan made project is good or not who ever has a desire to try and keep the show going either in visual or written form is a hero in my books because those fans who have the opportunity to try and keep quantum leap alive and keep the story alive and burning is a hero in my books so I would call on any fans of quantum leap and say this show needs you now more than ever don't let quantum leap die keep it alive and burning do your fan made projects bring it back in some shape or form because anyone who dares to keep quantum leap a live is a hero and you should be praised for it and you all should be praised thank you to everyone who made quantum leap a leap to die for if I could personally shake all of your hands in person I would please go on and make many, many more please keep quantum leap alive thank you! Plus anyone who does create new content for the show just shows how special and how inspiring that show really is and any attempt to bring it back either by fan fiction or in a official way is always going to be a good thing.....

Thank you for your time
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