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Default Quantum leap a leap for Alia part 1

Quantum Leap' is a Registered Trademark of MCA / Universal Studios. The 'Quantum Leap' logo and all images from the television series are copyright MCA / Universal Studios unless otherwise stated, and no infringement of copyright is intended

This is fan fiction and free for all to read and no money is made from this story.

Hi this is a new story about Alia I hope you will all enjoy it please leave me feedback regarding the story if you wish too

Thank you

A leap for Alia

Previously on quantum leap

Sam is in hand cuffs

"what about your friend?"

and Al taps the handlink and says

"We don't know where she is, but wherever she is, she's free."

Now the story continues.....

Short leaps

After Alia leaps out she flys through time being pulled through time flying through and across the void like superwoman flying in between the clouds and she heads towards an unknown time and place...

Alia appears just standing outside a cafe in a glow of blue light an after the light fades away and she leaps in she says to herself out loud looking around.

"Sam?, Sam?"

"Sam I did it I leaped!"

Feeling excited.

"wheres zoey? Wheres Sam? Where everyone?"


"wheres the prison? For that matter Where am I?"

She turns and faces a café being filled with so many questions but not anuff answers Alia walks up towards the cafe and the sign reads

"als place"

she looks around more only seeing a road in front of her and feeling like she is in a very strange place she doesn't recognise or has seen before. Feeling like a lost sheep lost in a ocean of time she walks through the door and closes the door behind her after hearing a bell ring upon opening the door.

Soft Music plays in the bar with a fan turning in the corner.

It is a hot day and Alia welcomes the coolness of the fan.

She walks towards the bar and the bartender smiles at her cleaning glasses with a white towel in front of her and suddenly she sees her face in the mirror behind the bartender and for once it wasn't a stranger looking back at herself through the looking glass it was her own face looking back beyond the reflection.

"so many leaps so many faces it's me"

Alia says to herself "that's my face for once I can see me in the mirror."

And she touchs her face in aww of the situation.

The owner says "are you OK ms?"

"you know you should really look at your self in the mirror more often?"

"I try?"

She smiles at the barman and says

"where am I? Where is this place?"

"are you lost ms?"

"am not sure?"

"but Alia you can do anything you want now you just need to decide what you're next leap is going to be?"

"how do you know my name?"

"I know a lot of things I am just a guide Ms that's all on this journey."

"why am I here?"

"may be just to have a drink, would you like a drink ms?"

Meanwhile in the future

Thames walks into the control room and talks to lothos

Still wearing the same clothes as in the prison and holding his walking stick.

"have you located Alia yet?"

Lothos being a Red round computer ball Interface above says.

"not yet I am still running a trace program and I should be able to lock onto her brain waves shortly."

"that's not good anuff I just hope zoey doesn't die on us how is she?"

"I am monitoring her life signs in the medical bay but she is holding up well from being shot by the good Dr beckett since returning from her last leap."

"and Alia is her body still in the holding chamber?"

"unfortunately no one is in the chamber so I can comput wherever Alia is she is somewhere out there in time as her self"

Thames takes the handlink clear crystal like device from a big crystal like version of the same device in front of him and taps on the surface and the imaging chamber door opens and says to lothos

"zoey better live otherwise there will be hell to pay"

he walks into the chamber standing in the centre of the room he says taping into the device

"Alia I will find you if it's the last thing I do"

To be continued....

End of part one

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Default Quantum leap a leap for alia part 2

Part 2

Thames standing in the middle of there version of the imaging chamber he hits the crystal device in his hands and taps the crystal like mad.

Suddenly a tornado with images suddenly appears as if out of no where and surround Thames and Thames shouts out loud.

"am coming for you alia!"

Meanwhile back at Al's place Alia says to the bartender.

"who are you your more than just a guide or a bartender that's for sure?"

The bartender smiles and says

"well this bar is a special bar isn't it but I can tell you why you're here if you play my little game?"

"you promise? Alia smiles

The bartender nods he gives her a lottery game with holes all over the game.

She picks one and says

" so why am I here? Sorry what's your name? "

" Al call me Al "

She smiles and says" OK Al why am I here? "

The bartender checks and says

" better luck next time "

Thames still trying to locate alia suddenly gets inspiration and says put loud lock on to her birth day the first the day she was born!....

And then within minutes Thames appears as if out of no where and sees alia and says

"hello Alia!"

She turns and says "Thames!" with a look of horror on her face...

End of part 2
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