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Default Quantum leap A leap into the blue room

Part 1

"now everyone next week you will all will have to be on your best behavior as we will have a special visitor visiting campus next week OK"

As the teacher is directoring the class

Then suddenly he is covered in a wash of blue quantum leap light and he leaps out.....

When the blue light fades away he finds himself all alone in a blue room he says to himself

"where am I?"

Suddenly he tried to remember where he had just come from but he couldn't remember he was a complete blank. he walked up to the table in the center of the waiting room and he saw in the mirror inside the table and saw Sam looking back at him.

"who am I?"

Starting to feel a little panicky now he saw himself wearing a all white suit.

Suddenly loads of ideas started to fill his mind.

"was I on a alien space ship?"

"am I dead?"

"have I traveled through time?"

There was lots of questions but Not anuff answers

He looked for any way out he saw a silver metal looking door at the opposite end of the room he ran towards the door and said out loud

"I am definitely on a space ship here's the ailens door."

He tapped the door control and lucky anuff the door slowly opens.

The new stranger in the waiting room slowly left the room and started to slowly walk down the corridor feeling like a man out of his own time his investigation was about to begin to answer.

" why was he here?"

"and who is he?"

End of part 1

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