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Default Quantum leap a leap for Scott bakula

Part 1

Sam was leaping through time and the blue light was washing over him like a magical waterfall and after a few minutes Sam leaped into his new time and place.

When the light faded away Sam was sitting in a theater dressing room and straight away in the mirror Sam saw himself in the mirror and said out loud to himself.

"its me in the mirror but how can it be me?"

Sam noticed that there was a script in front of him and a name was written at the top of the script that read.

"Scott bakula"

As soon as Sam read the name he immediately got up and opened the dressing room door and the name on the door read again the same name and Sam said.

"oh boy!"

Meanwhile in the waiting room project quantum leap.

After leaping in Scott looked at himself in the mirror of the waiting room table and he looked around and even tho his memory wasn't that great due to traveling in time Scott thought he was on set of the TV show quantum leap and says out loud.


"Dean where are you Dean?"

Scott said to himself

"why am I in costume? I don't remember being called to go on set."

And while Scott was talking to himself the waiting room door opens and Al walks into the room and Al says to Scott.

"how are you feeling buddy?"

Scott looks at Al and says

"Dean why are we here? We're not filming today are we?"

"what do you mean filming?"

"come on Dean stop playing around"

Al taps the hand link and the device starts flashing all over.

"where's all the cameras and Don bellisaro?"

Al looking confused taps the hand link and says to Scott.

"can you remember your name?"

"yes it's Scott bakula"

"good and what do you do for a living scott?"

Scott smiles and says

"you already know Dean like you am a actor"

Scott looking confused

"why are you acting like Al Dean?"

"because I am Al"

"you're not your dean........ I can't remember your surname but your a actor just like me"

Al taps the hand link and says

"I've got to go to Sam I hope he's in a good mood"

Al turns around and leaves the waiting room leaving Scott

Having a confused smile on his face looking almost like Sam in his reaction he says to himself.

"Sam but that's my character"

End of part 1
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Part 2

Sam sat back in his chair in the dressing room looking at himself in the mirror it was unbelievable he was seeing his own face in the mirror it was like a dream come true but he wondered to himself and said to himself.

"why does Scott bakula look the same as me?"

While thinking about this the imaging chamber door opens and Al was in the room and the door closed.

"Al it's amazing it's my face in the mirror this time but it's confusing because I am supposed to be a guy called Scott bakula?"

Al taps into the hand link and reads from it saying

"yes Sam you've right you've leaped into actor Scott bakula and it's 1992 and you are working on a TV show called quantum leap"

"a TV show called quantum leap but Al that's our project how is a top secret project on TV?"

"I don't know Sam it's wried because when I saw your counterpart in the waiting room he was convinced I was a actor too called Dean Stockwell. And I can understand why because when I did a bit of research on this actor he looks the same as me too"

"do you have a twin Sam?"

"no I never had a twin brother but it's uncanny Al the likeness is remarkable."

"you're telling me Sam"

"so why have I leaped into Scott for Al?"

Al taps the hand link and says

"ziggys not sure but we are definitely working on it Sam"

"so tell me more about the person I have leaped into Al"

Al says "sure Scott bakula is a American TV actor he was born October 9, 1954 he is a singer, director and he is working on season 4 of quantum leap at the moment he has won many awards for his career in acting. He is married to Krista Neumann in 1981 and has two children, Chelsy and Cody.

But due to his work load on quantum leap he doesn't see much of his family at the moment. "

" that's sad why Al? "

" due to the work load really scott said once he felt like he was lost in time while making the series. "

" I know the feeling Al OK go back and try and find out why am here. "

" no problem sam" Al taps the hand link and the imaging chamber door opens and Al disappears back to the future.

Sam looking at himself says to himself

"Well Scott what ever the reason why I am here for you I will try and do my best to help"

He smiles at himself feeling like the man in the mirror was a kindred spirit to Sam.

End of part 2
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Part 3

The next morning Sam was on set of quantum leap and with his mind usually linking with Scott's mind he knew where he lived and what he was supposed to do on set which was weird because Sam wasn't a professional actor himself at all.

Sam was on set for the TV episode "a leap for Lisa"

And to Sam it was totally strange he had remembered leaping into bingo for real Al's younger self but now he was on set acting out his entire leap all over again it was a strange deja vu and the strangest thing about the whole experience was seeing Al on set too he looked exactly the same as his friend he was behaving like him and even had a toy prop of the hand link in his hand but he knew he wasn't him because his behavior was sightly different to real Al's behavior it was strange that too people could be so a like but be so different too all at the same time.

While there was down time on set Al reappears and says to sam.

"how's it going buddy?"


The TV crew looked at Sam and smiled thinking he was a method actor.

Sam says to Al

"quickly to my trailer"

Al nods and taps the hand link and disappears.

As soon as Sam gets into the trailer Al is waiting for him tapping the hand link.

"so Al does Ziggy know why am here?"

Al nods and says

"Ziggy says there is a 92.3 per cent chance you're here Sam to arrange for Scott family to visit him on the set of the TV show and have Scott spend some time with his family. Because in the original history Sam even tho Scott loved the show quantum leap and is proud of the show even until the current day filming the show took too much time away from him and his family and your here Sam to bring his family down so that he doesn't lose the time he needs with his family. "

" OK Al it sounds straight forward its also strange too Al this TV show is filming every leap I have ever done out there right now is the set for the time I leaped into you as bingo"

"really that does bring back good memories"

"how is this even possible Al? this is a major security breach my leaps through time ant suppose to be shown on TV. And have you seen your self out there Al Dean looks exactly like you Al"

"I know Sam I know it's wried in a good way isn't it"

"Well Sam maybe this TV show is actually a opportunity in a way"

"how so Al?"

"because at least even tho you may feel like you are alone in time leaping from life to life at least if people can see what you go through every time you leap at least now you are no longer on your own Sam Because the hearts of the world are with you now too and are now joining you as you leap through time. "

" Al I didn't think of it in that way before thank you "

Suddenly there is a knock on the trailer door and a TV assistant says.

" Scott we need you back on set in five minutes please "

" thank you Al"

Al smiles and the imaging chamber door opens he stands in the door way and he disappears.....

End of part 3
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Part 4

It was funny Sam was reliving a leap but this time on film it was so strange and the strangest thing about the whole activity is Sam didn't need to memorize any of his lines he knew them like it was the back of his hand because he remember what it was like to say tho words without thinking and he enjoyed playing himself he knew that playing him self was the easiest thing to do in the whole world.

When recording was finished for the day on the leap for Lisa while Al was sitting in his actors chair just relaxing after filming Sam went into the production office and spoke to Donald P. Bellisario about having his family come up to visit him on set after careful talks with the creator of the show.

Donald rings the network and has a very long chat with them and after the chat was done. Donald smiled at Sam and agreed.

The next day on set a car pulls up and Scott's family gets out of the car Sam meets them all and greets them and with every one so over joyed to see Sam he leads them to his tailor his wife and two children and he spends some good quality time with his family later that evening Al appears and Sam leaves the trailer and closes the door behind him.

Talking just outside the tailer

And Sam says to Al

"Al I did it Scott's family is with me on set"

Al reads from the hand link and says

"you did it buddy history has changed and from now until the end of the series Scott has a lot of family time and his family doesn't feel left out"

"so Al if everything is rosey....."

Al finishs his sentence

"why haven't you leaped?"


"let's ask Ziggy now shall we"

Al taps the hand link and smokes his cigar and blows out a few smoke rings and then says.

"Ziggy says there is only one more thing to do and that is for me to show Scott around the project in the future to fulfill his dream that time travel is actually possible."

Sam says "really"

"OK Sam I will see you in a bit I have a friend to go to."

Al taps the hand link and the imaging chamber door opens and Al disappears as quickly as he appeared.

Al walks into the waiting room and with Scott sat down on the chair looking really bored.

Scott gets up from the chair and says to Al.

" Dean is it time for us to go back to filming?"

"not exactly my friend follow me"

With Scott looking a bit confused he follows Al out of the waiting room and with the whole place looking far to real for Scott they both walk into the main console, control room of quantum leap.

And Scott continues to say

"Dean why are we on the future set of quantum leap?"

Al looks at Scott and says

"Scott you may find this hard to believe but my name isn't Dean I am not a actor my name is Al calavicci and this is really project quantum leap"

"this has to be a joke Dean"

"it isn't Sam beckett for the past 5 years has actually been traveling around in time putting right what once went wrong and changing lives for the better and this time around he has leaped into you Scott"

Scott smiling saying


"its already been put right scott but Sam leaped into you so you could be with your family more while you filmed the TV series quantum leap"

Scott smiles and says

"then I owe Sam a lot thank you"

Gooshie, Donna and Tina walks up to Scott and they all smile at him.

Gooshie says

"its hard to believe your not Sam you look exactly like him"

They all nod and know he is really not Sam.

Al shows Scott around the project more they see the quantum leap accelerator and they finish off by Scott visiting Ziggy, Ziggy says

"its so good to meet you Scott"

"like wise Ziggy it's hard to believe that all of this is actually real"

After the tour was complete both Al and Sam walk back into the waiting room and when they walk into the middle of the blue room.

Scott says to Al

"you have a great project out there I am sure you will get Dr beckett back eventually."

"but to let you know Al it's been a honor playing Sam on TV a real honor."

Al smiles and says

"if anyone had to be Sam, Scott am glad it was you"

Scott smiles and says finally to Al

"do you ever think you will ever get Dr beckett back Al?"

Al looking unsure says

"I live in hope"

Al smiles and takes his leave and walks out of the waiting room.

Scott looking at his mirror image in the table starts to talk to himself in the mirror image and says.

"Sam I am glad I have had the chance to meet you buddy it is so good to meet you and I hope one day you will get the chance to leap home."

And in that moment he is covered in blue light and Scott and Sam quantum leaps into time........

When the leap fades away Sam finds himself strangely walking on all fours in a nice looking house he trys to walk normally but keeps falling to the floor back on his all fours strangely.

And as he comes across a mirror in the mirror image he sees a dog looking back at him from the looking glass.

Sam notices he is called

"muffin" and he is a Beagle dog.

He puts two of his paws up to the mirror and says.

"woof!" (oh boy!)
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