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Default Quantum leap time and again

Part 1

As Sam was moving in time he wondered to himself how many times had he actually leaped now? he honestly didn't know because he wasn't keeping the count but with each new leap it honestly felt like to him that he was going to leap forever. He honestly hoped he wouldn't but right now it seemed like he was going to travel through time forever. As he was thinking about this in the time stream a memory came back to him off Sam being in his first ever leap at the river bank and of Al nursing a headache and Al saying to Sam.

"your part of a time travel experiment that went a little ca ca"

And then a different memory flashed across his mind of his second leap of Sam leaping into a base ball player and saying to himself.

Sam wondering what he could achieve before all of it was over.

When the memory's faded he wondered if God, time or fate was trying to tell him something with a hidden message inside but it was too late time was up and Sam was leaping into his next leap.....

When the light faded away with wave after wave of light passing through his body Sam finds himself wearing a white suit in a chamber that looks a little familiar with air blowing up all around him hitting his face at one moment Sam thought he was home until he noticed a Lady scientist he didn't recognize in front of him not too far and she was sitting near a computer console and Sam was standing on a futuristic looking platform that looked a lot like a time machine with him surrounded in glass.

The scientist says

"Dr we're ready to fire....."

Sam starts to look a little worried and says

"what do you mean fire?"

Then she smiles and hits the return button on the computer keyboard in front of her and she says.

"good luck Dr....."

Blue light hits the container Sam is in and Sam shouts


As the blue light hits the container from the wall opposite Sam is overcome with new leaping energy and he quantum leaps out.........

When the blue light fades away Sam finds himself on a passenger Train sat down looking out of the near by window and him feeling really, really confused he says to himself in the train compartment he was in to himself.

"I leaped..... Why did I leap?"

He trys to get up but feeling really drained from the leap in he passes out....

Meanwhile in another time zone in a another place another Sam Beckett leaps in.....

When the blue light fades away sam finds himself in bed he wakes up to the sound of the radio feeling really confused.

He gets up and turns the radio off and gets out of bed finding himself in his pj's he opens the near by curtains and sees a empty street somewhere in America.

Sam realizes with a little detective work he is in a motel room and he says to himself.

"why did I leap....?"

Looking really confused he wondered how long it would take for Al to show up because right now what Sam really needed right now was answers.....

Meanwhile project quantum leap

Al walks up to ziggy and taps the hand link in his hands and says

" Ziggy do you have a fix on Sam yet?"

Ziggy replys

"admiral I did for a few minutes but then for unknown reasons Sam has quantum leaped again I am finding it hard to lock onto his brainwaves in the imaging chamber I am still trying to lock onto him in the time stream."

"how long will it take Ziggy to locate Sam?"

"am not sure admiral because at the moment Sam leaped out I picked up two quantum leap signatures in the time flow."

"two? What does that mean Ziggy?"

"it means Dr beckett could be in two different time zones at once"

"but that's impossible Ziggy isn't it?"

"am not sure admiral I am only giving you the data as I recorded it."

"OK try your best Ziggy and let me know once you have a fix on Sam"

"I will admiral"

"thanks Ziggy"

Al runs out of the control room and runs towards the waiting room when Al arrives Al taps the door control and as he enters the waiting room Sam looks at Al and says.

"who are you?"

Then Sam closes his eyes and reopens his eyes and says

"shut up am talking now who the hell are you?"

Al a little taken a back from the quick personality change Al says

"my name is Al what's your name?"

Then Sam closes his eyes again and another personality surfaces Sam opening his eyes again says.

"am Dr Sisko who are you?"

The hand link goans in Al's hands and with new data appearing on the display of the hand link Al taps the link and Ziggy informs Al that she is picking up 3 different personalities at once in Dr beckett in the waiting room.

Al being really surprised by the data says

"oh boy!"

End of part 1

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Part 2

Al runs back into the control room and says to gooshie

"warm up the imaging chamber now!"

"but admiral we don't have a lock"

"I know just do it"


Gooshie warms up the chamber and after a few minutes he says

"its ready for you now"

Al nods and walks up the ramp and taps into his hand link the door opens and Al walks into the room and walks to the center of the room he taps the link and says out loud.

"Sam lock onto me buddy lock on"

Meanwhile back with sam

Sam slowly regains control of himself he wakes up and the train manager is looking at Sam and says.

"are you OK sir?"

"am good just had a few too many to drink you know now it goes"

The train manager smiles and says

"look after your self sir"

"I will"

The train manager starts to walk to the other part of the train.

Sam still feeling confused to way he was even there he looks through the suit he was wearing and couldn't find anything useful so leaving his compartment he slowly walks down the train. And finding a near by toilet he enters the room and suddenly a ghostly image of Al appears fading in and out of reality and Sam says to Al.

"Al, Al stay with me"

Al taping the hand link but it was too late Al completely fades away like a ghost.

Sam looks at himself in the mirror and the young man looking back at him from the looking glass looked just as confused as Sam felt.

Then Sam noticed a brief case in the corner of the room and with interest Sam picked up the case and as soon as he opened it Sam saw a timer in the case that immediately went from 5 hours to zero immediately and the whole train including Sam blows up the whole train blows up in fire and flame and in a blink of a eye Sam was back in his train compartment and the blue light covered him faded away he immediately said to himself.

"am back at the moment I leaped in what is going on......?"

Meanwhile the other Sam in the motel started to get dressed and when he was fully dressed there was suddenly a knock on the door.

Sam wondering who it could be walked over to the door and as soon as he opened it he saw a motel staff member pull out a gun and he shoots Sam right in the chest....

In that moment Sam wakes up after the blue light fades away and he wakes up to the sound of the radio.

Sam quickly gets up and looks for any bullet holes and with nothing to be found Sam said to himself.

"what is going on"

End of part 2
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