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Default Quantum leap a leap for merlin

Part 1

Merlin walks up to king Arthur and says to Arthur.

"your majesty what do you bib from me?"

The king on his throne says

"camalot is in a state of emergency what we need now is a champion Merlin a champion that is pure of heart because there is a storm on the horizon and it is coming and if we don't find anyone soon our kingdom will be lost"

Merlin holding his wizards staff says

"your majesty I will find you a champion I bib thee fairwell and will let you know when he arrives"

King Arthur smiles

And as Merlin takes his leave the king says to Merlin

"don't fail us otherwise our kingdom is doomed"

Merlin leaves and as he enters his study and he looks at his crystal ball and says in a magical spell and says outloud.

"find me a champion that can save our kingdom from beyond space and time"

With Merlins eyes glowing blue when the spell was casted the crystal ball slowly fills up with blue light and Sam Beckett is standing in his time machine and the blue energy of his leaping covers him with wave after wave of light.

And Merlin looking closely at the crystal ball with interest says outloud

"a fellow wizard..... Bring me this champion...."

He raises his hands up towards the sky and a blue flash appears in the wizards tower.

Then meanwhile Sam's leap is pulled backwards in time dragging him back into time........

When wave after wave the blue light of Sam's quantum leap in fades away Sam finds himself on top of the battlements of kings Arthur castle and dressed in a full suit of armor...

Another knight walks up to Sam and says

"come with me?"

And Sam takes off his medieval helmet and says

"oh boy!"

End of part 1
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Part 2

As Sam is walking down a spiral stone stair case in full metal armor he heard the metal sound of the suit hit against the stone while following the knight in front of him.

Thousands of questions started to fill his mind and two of them was.

"where am I? And most importantly when?"

Meanwhile project quantum leap

Al walks into the control room and says to gooshire

"warm up the imaging chamber will ya gooshire"

The head programmer looks up from the console and says

"we don't have a lock on Sam yet?"

"that's strange what's taking so long?"

Ziggy starts to say

"admiral I was tracking Sam's leap when suddenly he disappeared from his own time stream. We don't know where Sam is at the moment?"

"he hasn't leaped outside his own life time again? Ziggy has he?"

"it is quite possible admiral"

"Well Sam is doing well at the moment in leaping outside his own life time I have to give him that he's done it now a few times OK let me know once you have a lock"

"I will alert you once a lock is established"

Al walks out of the control room and heads for the projects canteen.....

When Sam reached the bottom of the stairs merlin stops them both and looks at Sam and says.

"you sir knight you have a strange blue glow about you, you are the one I am looking for"

Sam looking confused merlin dismissed the first knight and says to sam again as the first knight is out of ear shot.

"so you are Sam Beckett"

Sam looking completely loss for words replys

"yes how do you know that?"

"it is I Sam who brought you here I will explain everything later you must follow me now to see the king at once come with me"

Sam follows merlin and says

"oh boy!"

End of part 2
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Part 3

Merlin walks back into the kings Court and as merlin and Sam approaches the kings throne.

Merlin says to the king

"your majesty the champion that you requested is now here I introduce Sam Beckett! the hero who has come from a great distance to our shores"

Merlin encourages Sam to step forward.

Sam says

"your majesty"

He bows

The king not looking very impressed says


"your majesty what is the problem?"

"merlin I know this knight he is not a champion at all well not quite yet anyway is this a joke?"

"ah you're majesty Sam is a fellow wizard like myself and he has the ability to leap himself into other people and become them in a way"

"leap into? He's not a shape shifter merlin Is he?"

Merlin touches Sam's arm and at that same moment the king can see Sam's real face and says.

"ah merlin his face has changed in front of me and I can see the stranger you speak of so this is Sam"

Sam says

"hello your majesty"

The king smiles and says

"Sam I hope you can save our kingdom a great evil is on the horizon and we need someone to save us"

"I will do my best your majesty"

The king smiles and says

"Merlin take Sam and start his training at once he must be ready time is of the essence. "

Merlin bows and says

"yes your majesty"

And merlin leaves the court with Sam.......

Al pours himself a hot mug of coffee and slowly drinks his coffee while sat down on a chair next to a table in the canteen Al takes the colored hand link from his jacket pocket and taps the device and says.

"any joy yet?"

"am afraid not admiral"

Ziggy talking through the Hand link Al places the device on the table and says

"OK continue with a location search this time gooshire can do it Al out."

Al taps the link and puts the device back in his jacket pocket and says to himself

"where ever you are Sam hang in there Sam"

End of part 3
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Part 4

When both Sam and merlin reached merlin's study.

Sam noticed that in study up high in the wizards tower looked like a typical. wizards study there was book cases every where and in the center of the room lay the crystal ball on top of a small stone column.

Merlin stood at the other side of the crystal ball and said

"Sam let's start your training"

"first before we start are you really merlin? I thought you where just a story a myth?"

"it is I I am merlin"

Merlin opened his left hand and merlin's eyes started to glow orange and a fire ball instantly appeared in his hands and vanished a few seconds later.

Sam was taken a back a little by the magic and said.

"OK if you are really merlin how do you know me? And how did you bring me here?"

"the orb Sam the crystal showed me you.

I was looking for a hero who was pure of heart and the crystal showed me you.... and your time to just bring you here Sam I had to bend the natural laws of time so when your mission here is done I will de cast the spell and you will go back to your own established time line. "

" OK thank you I was wondering about that because normally I can't leap out side my own life time. "

" I know that Sam but don't worry my magic is making it possible for you to be here with out it you couldn't be here at all. "

" what year is it? "

" it is the year of our lord 1202 AD

"1202! AD Oh boy, oh boy! 'oh boy"

"OK I need your help merlin I have a friend called Al he is my friend from the future and he keeps in contact with me via brainwaves transmissions I need you to use a spell so Ziggy at the project can lock on to me so Al can help me because with out your help they will never find me "

Merlin listens closely to Sam and replies

" I will consult the orb what year is Al from? "

" 1999"

He waves his hands over the crystal and merlin's eyes grow blue and then the crystal slowly fills up with the image of the quantum leap mountain with it glowing with blue quantum leap energy covering the whole mountain.

"that's it merlin please help me"

Merlin takes a deep breath and raises his hands above his head and shouts out loud

"may Sam's friends find him in the here and now!"

Merlin's eyes glow quantum leap blue.....

Al after finishing his coffee the hand link in his jacket pocket starts groaning very excitedly.

Al takes the device from his pocket taps it and as the information is displayed in front of him he quickly takes his leave and runs into the control room.

As soon as Al enters the room he says.

"ziggy where's Sam?"

"admiral I have a lock on Dr beckett he has leaped to camalot in the medieval period the year is 1202 AD"

"1202 AD? How is that even possible?"

"am not sure admiral but you may now see Dr beckett if you would like too"

"gooshire warm up the imaging chamber am going in"

With the chamber warmed up Al walks up the ramp quickly and taps the hand link and the imaging chamber door opens and closes after Al enters the room.

End of part 4

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Part 5

Suddenly the imaging chamber door opens and Al steps out and says


"Al!" Sam smiles, merlin says

" I will give you a few minutes with your friend"

And for a moment merlin looks at Al being able to see him and takes his leave.

merlin walks over to the nearby bookcase and pulls a near by book the book case moves to open and shows a secret compartment he steps through and the book case closes again.

Al says

"that man has just gone through a secret passageway that's cool"

"I know Al"

"but it's so good to see you Sam we thought we would never find you"

"how did you get a lock on me Al?"

Al looks at the hand link with it flashing like a Christmas tree.

"not sure Sam one minute we couldn't find you the next we obtained a lock"

"so who am I Al?"

"let's see Sam"

Al taps the hand link and says

"OK your leaped into Aglovale de galis and you are, a knight of the round table And the year is 1202 AD and it's camelot England and ziggys not sure why you're here Sam and we are trying to find data from this time period but it's going to take some time Sam"

Sam nods

"who was that man Sam?"

"you wouldn't believe me if I told you?"

"try me Sam"

"OK it was merlin"

"merlin? But he wasn't real Sam?"

"Well here's here is and he seems real anuff I think he brought me here"

"brought you here?"

"yes because how else can I be here If without his intervention."

Al taps the hand link and says

"I see...." looking with unbelieving look on his face and continues to say

"I'll see if I can speed things up with Ziggy"

He taps the hand link and Al disappears back into the future.

Merlin appears as if out of nowhere in a blue flash and says

"let's continue now shall we Sam with your training?"

"where did you come from?"

"with magic Sam anything is possible"

End of part 5
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