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Default Quantum leap a wonderful leap again?

Part 1

Sam was traveling through time like a unstoppable force there was moments he felt like superman as he was flying through the clouds into the sky he wondered to himself for a moment how long it will take to fulfill his mission into time? How many leaps did he have left? Or was he forever trapped into the past putting right what once went wrong....

As he was wondering about his future fate.

He felted himself start to land and as he leaped In after wave after wave of blue quantum leap light faded away Sam found himself wearing a Santa suit and Sam saw a line of children waiting to see him.

Sam was definitely in a shopping mall sitting in a Santa's grotto.

And a young girl approaches Sam and says "Santa!"

Sam rolls his eyes and says

"oh boy!"

Meanwhile at project quantum leap

Al enters the control room wearing his typical clothes he looks at Ziggy and taps the hand link In his hand as it flashes yellow, red and green

Ziggy replys

"Sam has leaped into a shopping mail Santa and the year is December 10 1969" and he's in Elk Ridge,*Indiana*"

Al looking thoughtful

Says to ziggy

" OK and who has Sam leaped into this time? "

There is a momentarily pause from Ziggy and she says

" we are not sure yet every time I try and do a I'd check on him I am drawing up a blank I need more time admiral to obtain his personal information you may have better luck at meeting our guest in the waiting room"

Al rolls his eyes and heads for the waiting room.

End of part 1
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Default Quantum leap a wonderful leap again part 2

Quantum leap

Part 2

Sam has a child on his knees and she says to him with him trying to be santa

"ho, ho, ho what do you want for Christmas?"

The little girl replys

"can I have a doll please for Christmas Santa?"

Sam smiles and says

"as long as you are a good little girl"

She smiles and says

"thanks santa"

Sam smiles and says

"ho, ho, ho"

As the little girl leaves

Suddenly the sound of the imaging chamber door opens next to Sam.

And Sam says to himself

"thank goodness"

As the imaging chamber door closes

Al says to Sam

"Well this is different"

Sam looks at Al and says quietly

"Al am Santa?"

Al smiles and laughs saying

"I can see that take a break so we can talk Sam"

Sam nods and says to a nearby elf

"let's take five"

The elf closes the grotto and with a great sign of relief on Sam's face he follows Al.

After a few minutes Sam enters the men's toilet and Al reappears like a ghost and says

"Sam can't we meet somewhere else as I always feel like a pervert going into the men's toilets"


"OK, OK Sam"

Sam looks into the mirror smiling to himself with a Santa looking person looking back at him from the looking glass.

"so who am I Al? And where?"

Al taps the handlink and says

"OK it's December 10 1969 and it's Elk Ridge,*Indiana"

Sam looking at his mirror image looking shock says

"elk ridge Indiana!"

Al taps the handlink slowly and replys

"yes Sam"

"am home Al am home"

"I know kid" Al tapping the handlink slowly

Sam turns around looking at Al face to face and says

"and who am I Al apart from the obvious"

Al smokes his cegar and blows some smoke rings and says

"we're not sure Sam Ziggy is finding it hard to make a official ID on who you have leaped into."

Sam looks at his mirror image again and as he talks his mirror image copying his mouth movements perfectly in sync with him.

"fine just talk to the guy in the waiting room"

Al hits the hand link and says

"I did"

"Well we're not totally sure but I don't buy what your counterpart is saying in the waiting room"

"why what is he saying?"

"he's saying his name is Kris kringle"

"Kris kringle?"

Sam replys with a confused look on his face.

Al taps the handlink and reads the display.

"it's another name for Santa clause"

Sam turns around and says

"I can't be, can it?"

Al says looking at the handlink

"it's just a coincidence Sam"

"let's not jump to conclusions I'll go back and see if I can help Ziggy with the program"

"does Ziggy know why am here yet"

Al taps the hand link again and says

"we haven't run the program that far yet"

"OK Al go back and help Ziggy"

Al taps the hand link and steps back into the imaging chamber door and says to Sam before disappearing into the future.

"Well hang in there Santa"

And the imaging chamber door closes.

Sam looks at himself in the mirror and touches his face and says to himself

"I can't be actually santa can I?"

End of part 2
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Default Quantum leap it's a wonderful leap again

Part 3

After the shopping mall closed for the night.

Sam was walking down the streets of Elk Ridge,*Indiana.

And it felt like he was given the best Christmas gift ever.

He kept saying to himself over and over again.

"am home, am home, am home"

Leaping around in time I have been a mum, the midnight marauder, and now Santa?

It felt like time, fate or God was finally giving me a gift I couldn't refuse. But the mystery still was hanging over me that I had to try and slove.

Was I really santa and who am I? And why am I here?

Sam saw Santas on all of the street corners trying to raise money for local good causes and they were ringing out their bells for all to see saying

"Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!"

Sam checked his Santa coat and in the inside pocket he found a business card that read.

"Santa clause, North pole"

Sam said to himself

"this guy is really getting into the part of Santa"

Sam checked for any evidence he could find of where he was staying at the moment he found details of a local motel and went straight to the motel.

As Sam walked into the motel and passed the reception desk the hotel manager says

"hello Kris" and smiled

Sam said to himself

"oh boy" to himself and as he was trying to find his room.

A little boy with his dad runs up to Sam and pulls at his Santa coat and says


Sam looked at the boy and smiled and said

"what can I do for you?"

"Santa for Christmas all I want for Christmas is for my sister to get better"

Sam looked really concerned and said

"why wants wrong?"

"Santa my sister is close to death and all she wants is to see Santa clause one last time."

Suddenly Al appears behind the family and says

"Sam that's why you're here Ziggy says in the original history santa was held up at the shopping mall tomorrow night and didn't make it to the little girl in time before she passed away Ziggy says there is a 98.4 per cent change your here to visit this little girl and give her one last Christmas. "

End of part 3
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Default Quantum leap it's a wonderful leap again

Part 4

The next morning Sam was dreaming he had leaped back to the project after the blue light faded away Sam found himself in the waiting room he felt really excited and he ran out of the room and still wearing the white suit he wore in the beginning he ran into the control room and said.


She turned around in excitement and looked at Sam and said

"Sam?" with a confused look on her face.

"it's me am back like I said I would he ran and hugged his wife and gave her a big kiss.

After the kiss she said

" I knew you would come back to me "

And as they were enjoying there own company and embrace Donna suddenly said that seemed out of character

" Sam, Sam wake up buddy"

Sam wakes up from the dream in his motel room seeing Al looking over him and saying

"how's it going kid?"

Sam slowly gets up saying

"Al I dreamt I had leaped home and I was with....."

Trying hard to remember as the dream started to fade with his Swiss cheese memory starting to kick him.

"Al who's Donna?"

"Donna?" Al starting to look nervous and taping the hand link as if he didn't know who Sam was referring to.

Sam was sitting on his bed. Trying hard to rack his brain for the information.

"yes Donna am sure that's her name"

Al looking very sheepish taps the hand link and reply.

"she's just a programmer at the project she helps you now and again"

Sam gets up looking unsure weather or not to believe Al.

"are you sure Al it seems our relationship was different..... Some how"

And suddenly the dream leaves Sam

"ah I can't believe it I can't remember the dream it's faded."

"don't worry Sam am sure it will come back to you"

Sam walks up to the nearby mirror and sees Santa looking back at him and he says to himself for a joke.

"Hi Santa"

And he smiles at himself

"so Al any joy of who this guy is who I have leaped into?"

Al taps the hand link and reads from the portable device.

"Well all Ziggy can find is the person you have leaped into is putting himself down on his job application as Kris kringle and his address just as the north pole we can't find any other data on him apart from the obvious stuff."

"you don't really think the person I have leaped into really thinks he's actually santa?"

"were not sure Sam but all the data we can find on him at the moment puts that he lives at the north pole. I think he might need a counselor Sam"

Sam gets dressed into his Santa suit and now definitely looks the part.

Sam turns to look at Al and says

"so little girl I am here to save when does she need me Al?"

Al taps the hand link and it starts to Goan in the usual way.

"we are still trying to get the information all we know is its at some time tonight we are still trying to pin down the time of death of the little girl."

"Al if I am here to save this little girl I can't go to the mall because that's what happened last time."

Al taps the hand link and reads carefully

"Ziggy agrees with you to a point but she's saying there is a 50 per cent change you still have to attend the mall to"


"were not sure yet"

Al hits the hand link hard and says

"you useless pile of gummy bears"

"OK Al go back and please find out please"

Al taps the handlink and steps into the white door way and after a few more taps Al is gone

End of part 4
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The next day Sam arrived at the shopping mall and wondering where his friend had got to. The mall was slowly opening up for business and a huge line of children started to bust into the shopping mall and lined up quickly with there parents waiting to see Santa!

The shopping mall elfs looked at Sam and the chief elf says.

"it's show time!"

Sam looking really worried now says

"oh boy!"

Suddenly the sound of the imaging chamber door opens and Al steps out and the door closes as quickly as it opened.

Looking relieved Sam says looking at

"AL do you have anything?"

The elfs look at Sam strangey and say

"Santa are you OK?"

Sam smiles and nods and Sam looks at Al and looks forward and as Sam walks to his Santa chair in the middle of the grotto he says quietly.

"Well? Al?"

Al taps the handlink and reads from the display screen and says it flashes in muiti colors in front of Al.

"Ziggy says you have to go to the hospital in half an hour"


"but wait! Ziggy says you need to be here as well"

Al shanks the handlink almost in disbelief he hits the link and it goans.

"what, what does Ziggy mean Al?"

Al taps the hand link and says

"not sure"

The elfs open the grotto and the first child runs up to Sam and sam smiles and says

"and what would you like for Christmas?"

The child reads out from memory everything he wants and Al standing next to Sam says

"in the original history one child in this line right now goes missing In the shopping center and is never found again Ziggy says there is a 92.3 per cent chance your here to save them too"

"but how Al I can't be in two places at once ask Ziggy if it's possible"

Al taps the link in agreement and nods

Ziggy agreeing with you Sam you don't have time to both, but Ziggy insists that both are required for you to be able to quantum leap out of here.

Sam says "oh boy!"

End of part 5
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Default Quantum leap a wonderful leap again

Part 6

Sam gives the kid a present from his bag of gifts and let the kid run back to his parents.

Then in that moment Sam singles at one of the near by elfs to hold the line.

The elfs looking puzzled they do sam looks at Al and smiles and says

"Well it's a good job there's two of us"

AL looking worried for a moment and

"I don't like this.... What are you thinking Sam?"

Suddenly the hand link starts to goan like mad and Al reads from the display

"you're got to go now Sam"

Sam says OK and continues to say

"Al the kids can see you carry on"

"but am a hologram I can't touch anything?"

"don't worry think on your feet"

Sam gets up and says to one of the elfs

"am sorry but I have to go!"

Al shows Sam the handlink of the address of where the hospital is and runs.

Al looks at him go and says to himself

"oh boy!"

The shopping mall manager looking worried says

"what do we do now without a Santa?"

AL very quickly walking out of sight hits the handlink and the imaging chamber door opens he runs towards it and entering the control room quickly says to the head programmer

"you won't believe what I am about to say but get me a Santa suit now!"

Sam after a little while drives up to the hospital he walks into the hospital and asks the girls name to the reception staff looking like Santa they show him into the room and as he enters the room the little girl smiles at Sam and says

" Santa! "

The family already around her bedside say thank you to Sam.

Sam sits near the girl and says

"so young lady what do you want for Christmas?"

She tells Sam everything she wants and Sam smiling says

"well it's good I have brought you this he opens his Santa bag and gives her present after present after present."

She looks in aww at the gifts she holds his hand and Sam says

"what ever you do please don't give up OK?"

She looks at him and says


Sam says to himself quietly

"I hope Al's OK too"

Meanwhile back at the shopping mall the imaging chamber door opens and Al steps out looking just like Santa the door closes.

AL walks to the front of the grotto and he hits the link and then suddenly every one can see and hear him he quickly puts the link in his Santa pocket and a nearby elf looking confused says

"your back but where did you come from"

Al says "never mind" and calls out the boy who goes missing and still in the line he boy comes up to Santa and without touching him Al says

"and what would you like for Christmas?"

Making sure the boy goes back to his family and meeting everyone in the line the whole evening goes well without any further problems making sure the kids stand close to Al but without touching him.

The whole evening goes without incident.

Sam waiting outside the little girl's room suddenly Al appears looking like Santa back to Sam as soon as he finishes at the mall.

Sam laughs and says

"I knew you would get into character sooner or later.

Al takes his hat off and beard

And says

" ha ha sam"

"so is everything OK now Al?"

Al taps the hand link and says

"yeah the little boy doesn't go missing anymore and grows up and has a normal life really"

"and the little girl she still dies doesn't she I was only here to give her one last Christmas wasn't I?"

Sam looks at her room with a sad look on his face.

Al taps the link and says

"actually Sam you won't believe this but by bringing her one last Christmas her condition improves so much so it's saves her life she gets discharged and goes back to live with her family."

Sam turns around and looks at Al and says

"that's fantastic"

Al smiles and says "way to go kid"

Both Sam and Al walk out of the hospital and Sam says to Al

"so was I him Al?"


"you know Santa?"

Al laughs and says "I think we may never know" but reading from the handlink Al continues to say

"but interestingly tho after tonight the person you have leaped into just disappears and is never seen again so perhaps he goes back to the north pole? But we will never know for sure."

Sam smiles at himself just thinking about it.

"so why am I still here?"

"why haven't you quantum leaped yet?"


The next day Sam was back in the grotto siting on the Santa chair with another line of kids coming to see him.

Suddenly Sam recognizes a familiar face in the line slowly walking towards him.

As soon as Sam looks down the line he sees his dad walking towards him plus with his son (Sams past self)

Sam in disbelief says out loud without thinking "dad?"

The boy runs over to Santa and Sam future self looks at his
Past and says

"what do you want for Christmas?"

Sam's past self tells his future self with out realizing it.

Then as his dad steps forward and says to Santa.

"what do you want for Christmas?"

Without thinking future Sam He gets up slowly walks up to his dad and immediately hugs him without thinking.

His dad looking really confused and wondering why a random Santa has just out of the blue just wanted to hug him.

Sam as he is hugging him says "I want to go home"

And in that moment blue light covered him from head to toe and Sam quantum leap out and into time.....

When the blue light fades away

Sam finds himself in a blue white room and then the imaging chamber door opens catching him off guard and as the person walks out the imaging chamber door closes and as soon as Sam looks at Al.

In disbelief AL wasn't there the person he was looking at was a much older version of him....

Sam says outloud

"oh boy!"

The end

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